Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week

We get things started at Local Frames this week with a brand new video from ON AN ON. We've also got new clips from N.A.S.A. featuring Lizzo and Sean Paul, What Tyrants, Candid Kid, Fox & Coyote, Diva 93, and Perry Project. We're also featuring a live performance clip from Aero Flynn, a Rhymesayers Headshot video, and a cool pop up performance at the Food Group by Astronautalis. Enjoy!

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ON AN ON - "Drifting"

Minneapolis trio ON AN ON -- comprised of Nate Eiesland, Ryne Estwing, and Alissa Ricci -- are set to release a brand new album, And The Wave Has Two Sides, sometime this summer. And the first single/video lifted from that new record is the haunting, "Drifting," which is given an equally desolate video treatment by Kyle Gibby and Nick Rush. The clip documents the troubled thoughts that make us restless at night, while the lush, atmospherics tones of ON AN ON help us drift off to where sleep is tantalizing close, but never quite comes. The group is currently on tour supporting Big Data, but should have more headlining shows of their own as the album release draws closer.

N.A.S.A. (feat. Lizzo and Sean Paul) - "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"

This politically charged new number from N.A.S.A. features the lyrical contributions of our own Lizzo as well as Sean Paul. The video, directed by Chip Yamada and N.A.S.A.'s Sam Spiegel, shows footage of police brutality from across the country, only adding to the track's intentionally inflammatory nature. All proceeds from the sale of the song will go to these charities: Help Ferguson Rebuild, the Eric Garner Family Support Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the National Police Accountability Project. As for the song and video itself, Spiegel had this to say, "After seeing all of this craziness going down with police brutality over the last year, I felt like I had to do a song about it. I know it's a complex problem. Policemen have one of the hardest jobs in the world, but there is a real endemic issue here around abuse of power and lack of consequence for wrongdoing."

Aero Flynn - "Dk/Pi (Live on the Current)"

Our music feature piece subject, Josh Scott and his new project Aero Flynn, recently dropped by the Current studios to delight them and their listening audience with an inventive live session. Aero Flynn are celebrating the release of their self-titled album with a show on Friday night at the Entry, where they will be joined by Carroll and Matt Latterell. Aero Flynn will soon be winning over audiences across the country and the world, as Scott and his talented cohorts will soon be opening for Torres throughout the U.S., as well as European shows coming up later this month with Ben Howard. There's also the homecoming Eaux Claires Festival, where Aero Flynn will be playing for and with friends from the scene Scott helped foster.

Green Notes | Pop-Up Concert: Astronautalis @ The Food Group from GoGreenNotes on Vimeo.

Astronautalis - Pop Up Concert at the Food Group

Over the years since he's galvanized and electrified the Twin Cities hip-hop scene, we've glimpsed many different sides of Astronautalis. He's also performed in just about any setting imaginable--which is what makes this pop up show at the Food Group so special and endearing. The event was put on by a grant from Green Notes, who brought the MC in to perform in the warehouse at the New Hope branch of the non-profit Food Group, an organization that specializes in healthy food access for all, especially those in need. The engaging clip features interviews with Andy as well as those working for the Food Group, along with a stripped down version of the group performing "Dimitri Mendeleev." Plus, you get to see Astronautalis wearing a beard guard, which is as sweet as it sounds.

A Moment In Rhymesayers - Episode 4 : Headshots Tape 4 History

This episode is another insider glimpse into the early formation of Rhymesayers, dealing with their release, Tape 4 History. That release came about following the passing of the influential Headshots member Sess, but great art arose out of those tragic circumstances. The tape features music from The Abstract Pack, Phull Surkle, Atmosphere, Beyond, I Self Devine, and Sess, recordings made in Ant's basement, which came to be known as The Factory. Rhymesayers has become such a major player in the local hip-hop scene, and it's inspiring to delve into their rather humble beginnings and see the roots of their talents begin to take shape as their music started to spread to the masses. Happy 20th anniversary, Rhymesayers -- here's to 20 more and then some.


What Tyrants - "Muffins"

What Tyrants are back with a playful video from their new brand new album, No Luck, this time out for the rollicking jam, "Muffins." The clip, which was created by Savanna Ruedy and Craig Schlewitz, is proof positive that great art can be made with just a bunch of simple objects found around the house. Of course, What Tyrants scorching soundtrack certainly helps snap the video to life. The group is celebrating the release of their new album with a high-octane show at the Triple Rock on Friday night, where they will be joined by Fury Things, Some Pulp, and Ripper.

Candid Kid - Summer from Candid Kid on Vimeo.

Candid Kid - "Summer"

Candid Kid just celebrated the release of their new EP with a show at the Turf Club last night, and we got to know the band a bit better earlier this week. As the weather gets nicer around the Twin Cities, it's a perfect time for this serene clip of the group performing at a private rooftop concert hosted by Colle+McVoy last summer. The video was shot and edited by Cody Weigel, and the track is one of the highlights of the group's Turtleneck EP. The buzz is only building around Candid Kid at the moment, and based on the buoyant appeal of "Summer," it's easy to see why.

Fox & Coyote - "Burning Out"

Minneapolis folk rock quartet Fox & Coyote are getting set to release their brand new EP, Boardinghouse, this May, and the first video and single from that new collection is for the impassioned "Burning Out." The clip was filmed in the dead of winter this past January, and those icy environs are smoothed over by the warmth and pulse of the track itself. The video was directed by Max Collyard, and the song was recorded and mixed by Treebomb Studios. The group is rightfully quite proud of this video, and are celebrating with a video release show at the Art Barn in Northfield on April 17. And hopefully, as their EP release date draws near, they will be scheduling more shows aroudn the Twin Cities.

Diva 93 ~ Heart is Heavy from josé carlos on Vimeo.

Diva 93 - "Heart Is Heavy"

Diva 93 is the self-proclaimed "bitchy, lusty, rusty vocal+synth+bad beats project" of Jessica Buns. We are premiering the video for "Heart Is Heavy," which is part of the new tape, PUNISH/ABANDON/REWARD, that Diva 93 is releasing at the Hexagon Bar on Friday night, along with Breakaway, Homebirth, Well, and Murder of Bros: A Dudechoir. Joseph Berns handled the cameras, editing, and animation for the psychedelic video, which adds to the ominous, synth-drenched tones of the track. Diva 93 describes "Heart Is Heavy" as a "video poem exploring an exodus from the gray world of mutual domestication in monogamous relationships into the unknown rainbow expanse of discovering yourself." If this enthralling combination of sight and sound intrigues you, you should definitely hit up the Hex on Friday, where any money Jess makes from the sales of her new tape will be donated to the Sexual Violence Center.

Perry Project - "Newfound View"

Minneapolis indie-pop sextet Perry Project have just released a music video for their ethereal new single, "Newfound View," which is drawn from their debut album, Can't Steal Soul. The gorgeous animation and direction for their new clip was done by Emily Fritze, whom many of you might remember also did the stunning animation for Pert Near Sandstone's "Ship of Fools." Her striking visuals perfectly augment the simmering, prayer-like quality of "Newfound View," which builds to a glorious release that is complimented by the journey that the video takes you on.

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