Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we kick things off with a striking new video from Volcano Choir, the adventurous pop group started by Justin Vernon and his cohorts in the Collections of Colonies of Bees. We are also featuring a brand new video from Alpha Consumer, who will be the opening act for Vernon's other band of the moment, Shouting Matches, at First Avenue this Friday.

In addition to those wonderful clips, we have a strong batch of new videos from Mike Mictlan, Usonia, Monica LaPlante, Hawaiian Boy Holmes, Bobby Phisher, Diver Dress, Stacy K, and a funky live clip from Aceyalone at Icehouse featuring Bionik and the Lakers. All of these videos from these talented artists perfectly illustrates just how diverse the local music scene is these days, and how much it is thriving. Enjoy!

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Volcano Choir - "Byegone"

While Justin Vernon's Grammy-winning main musical outlet, Bon Iver, is taking a well-deserved hiatus, Vernon himself is still making plenty of creative, captivating music along with his talented friends. Volcano Choir actually made their U.S. live debut at the Cedar back in 2011, and the experimental crew are back with a new album, Repave, which will be released in September. The first taste from the new record is for the dynamic "Byegone," which is given an equally impressive video treatment by director Michinori Saigo. Volcano Choir are also set to make their live return to Minneapolis at First Avenue on October 18. Don't miss it.

Alpha Consumer - "The Eat"

The seemingly ubiquitous local musician Jeremy Ylvisaker borrows a bit from one of his other band's for Alpha Consumer's new video for "The Eat," which Gramma's Boyfriend recorded on their 2011 debut full-length, The Human Eye. But Ylvisaker and his supremely talented Alpha Consumer crew (featuring Mike Lewis and J.T. Bates) give the track some teeth, with Jeremy's gritty guitar work leading the way. The trio have a new record on the way this fall called Meat, and you have a chance to potentially hear some of their new tracks when they open for Shouting Matches at First Avenue this Friday night.

Mike Mictlan - "WZRD Science (Feat. Greg Grease)"

Mike Mictlan continues his trend of releasing off-the-wall videos from his recent SNAXXX album, and this time he brings the breakout local MC, Greg Grease, along for the wild, smoke-clouded ride. The video was directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen, who perfectly capture the ominous but still playful nature of the track itself, with Mike and Greg clearly having plenty of fun while making the clip. Mictlan and his lively Doomtree crew are set to play the upcoming Summer Set Music Festival next weekend.

Usonia - "Don't Take All Night"

The blissful, summer-pop anthems of Usonia are sounding really good in the warmer months, and this clip for "Don't Take All Night," one of the standout tracks from their recent full-length, What's Fresh, is given a neon-colored lyrical clip that accentuates the buoyant nature of the track. If you haven't yet fallen for the charms of Usonia's recent record, it makes for the perfect soundtrack while you're cruising around the lakes on a sunny day, or simply watch this clip and you're bound to be drawn in by the infectious hooks of the track.

Aceyalone - "Moore (Live at Icehouse with the Lakers and Bionik)"

This funky collaboration between the veteran L.A. MC, Aceyalone, and Minneapolis producer Bionik, was given a soulful twist by Secret Stash's vibrant live band, the Lakers, who help give "Moore" a funky undercurrent that sends the song soaring at a recent Icehouse performance from back in June in support of the duo's fantastic new record, Leanin' On Slick. Thankfully, Morningside Films were there to capture the lively festivities, with both the band and Aceyalone in spirited form, kicking the old-school vibes of the track out to the receptive crowd who wisely packed the Icehouse that night.


MONICA LAPLANTE - ALWAYS from Hollander Records on Vimeo.

Monica LaPlante - "Always"

Minneapolis by-way-of Rochester singer/songwriter Monica LaPlante is back with another lovely new video from her recent debut, Jour. This clip, shot at the historic Hollywood Theater in Northeast Minneapolis, is for "Always," the moving closing track on LaPlante's new collection. The poignant video elegantly captures the winsome emotions of the song, with LaPlante playing a piano alone on the stage while the raw sentiments of the number begin to swell.

Diver Dress - "Sink"

The raucous lo-fi Minneapolis quartet Diver Dress have reemerged with a black & white clip for "Sink," the rollicking lead-off track from their recent release, 7". The video, with it's subtle homage to the 'Mats iconic "Bastards Of Young" clip, was filmed and edited by Nick Armbruster, and captures the powerful feeling of sitting around listening to music that ultimately will move you from the comfort of your couch. Diver Dress will also have a new album coming out in the fall, after recording a string of songs with Ali Jaafar. Look for the limited-edition 8-inch record (yes, an 8" record) from Ecstattic Records sometime soon, with hand screened posters done by Rogue Citizen Art Collective's Matt Wells (AKA Lizardman). Good stuff in store for Diver Dress fans.

Hawaiian Boy Holmes - "Perfectly Unseen"

This young Minneapolis by-way-of Honolulu MC is really starting to make some major waves in the Twin Cities hip-hop community. And this dynamic, catchy new number, "Perfectly Unseen" should continue to garner plenty of attention for Hawaiian Boy Holmes. The clip, shot and directed by Anthony Hawn, finds the MC dropping his smooth, uplifiting rhymes with his friends while hanging at North Commons Park in North Minneapolis. Hopefully, as his star continues to rise, he'll be playing to bigger crowds at some high-profile shows around the city soon enough.

Stacy K - "Dream Song"

Local musician Stacy K recently released her debut full-length record, Swarming with Frenzy, Swirling with Delight, and this clip is taken from the centerpiece of that album, "Dream Song." The video was directed by Sleepy Eye, Minnesota native Stephanie Braun, who perfectly captures the ethereal, haunting nature of the track. According to Braun, the clip was proudly shot on no budget, with all the shoot locations in Minnesota, and all the actors in the video from Minnesota as well. When combined with the gorgeous track itself, it's certainly a winning combination that suggests good things are in store for Stacy K.

Bobby Phisher - "Untouchables (Feat. A.Def)"

Bobby Phisher is the alias of Minneapolis MC Austin Carson, who released his debut full-length, Deer Hunting Deer, a while back, but just put out a video for one of the standout tracks on the album, "Untouchables," within the past week. The clip was directed by Adam J. Dunn, and finds the MC delivering his rhymes around a nightmarish campfire, with threatening mask-wearing friends adding to the spirited mood of the track.

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