Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we kicks things off emphatically with the punkish awesomeness of Kitten Forever, who look like they throw the world's best slumber party in their brand new video. We've also got Input Two of Wiping Out Thousands' Crossing Wires video series, which features footage of the band performing live in Minneapolis and Fargo. We're also featuring a revealing, nostalgic mini-documentary on Caroline Smith, which recently aired on Pioneer Public TV. We've also got brand new videos from Powderhorn Cranes, Botzy, Mixed Blood Majority, Mousey McGlynn, and Annie and the Bang Bang, as well as a cool condensed video capturing some of the craziness that went down Sunday at Soundset, and an engaging year-long video project from local artist Nate Maydole. Enjoy!

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Kitten Forever - "Famous Friends"

Raucous Minneapolis trio Kitten Forever are back with a brand new video for "Famous Friends," the lead single drawn from their forthcoming full-length, Pressure, which is due out sometime this summer on Guilt Ridden Pop. The breathless punk churn of the track is augmented by the festive spirit of the video, which features the band (who also edited and filmed the video with the assistance of Hannah Nelson) rocking out in a bedroom surrounded by their wildly energetic friends. Both the song and the clip exude a good time, and "Famous Friends" should certainly be one of the jams of the summer around the Twin Cities.

Crossing Wires: Input Two from Wiping out Thousands on Vimeo.

Wiping Out Thousands - "Hypnotist (Live at the Cabooze and the House of Rock)"

This riveting live clip of electro-clash duo Wiping Out Thousands is drawn from the group's recent performances in Minneapolis and Fargo back in April. The clip is the second installment of their new video series, Crossing Wires, which is put together by Matt Barnes and Josh Bartz, and gives fans an up-close look at how the pair generate those enthralling sounds on stage. While the group is rumored to be at work on some new material, "Hypnotist" is drawn from their debut EP, Reaction Machine, which, like all of WoT's releases, can be downloaded for free at their Bandcamp page.

Caroline Smith - My Way Back Home

This engaging, candid documentary on singer/songwriter Caroline Smith gives fans a glimpse into her Detroit Lakes roots, as well as insight into her creative process and the new direction she is currently taking her sound. The doc aired recently on Pioneer Public TV, and was produced/directed by Dana Johnson, with Dan Huiting serving as director of photography. There's live footage of Caroline and her band performing at First Avenue (with live mixes done by audio alchemists BJ Burton and Tom Herbers), as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of Smith in the studio working on her new songs with Jake Hanson and Brett Bullion. If you're a fan of Caroline Smith and her stirring songs, you definitely want to set aside a half hour and get to know her better through this forthright documentary.

Powderhorn Cranes - "Play Dead" Music Video from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

Powderhorn Cranes - "Play Dead"

Powderhorn Cranes are a new experimental sonic collective out of St. Paul led by F. James Bardozi, and "Play Dead" is their first single and video. The track features production and beats by Big Cats, and guest vocals by Ramona Fields, while the stark, striking video, put together by the good folks at Northern Outpost, was shot in rural Wisconsin last summer. As for the group themselves, the members of Powderhorn Cranes prefer to remain anonymous, with all of the musicians performing under an alias, letting their slow-burning, captivating music boldly stand on its own.

Mixed Blood Majority - "Story To Tell (ft. Toki Wright)"

Mixed Blood Majority, fresh off of rocking Soundset over the weekend, have dropped a new video for "Story To Tell," which finds Kill the Vultures' Crescent Moon, No Bird Sing's Joe Horton and Doomtree's Lazerbeak hooking up with Toki Wright for this spirited track. The video, directed by Horton and PCP, is shot amongst In The Heart of the Beast's celebratory May Day Parade, and finds the MC's all giving personal accounts of the stories that we all have within us and the need to let those tales be told. Mixed Blood Majority's self-titled debut album is available from Doomtree's webstore.


Botzy - "Couldn't Breathe (ft. Lizzo)"

After the dissolution of Culture Cry Wolf, Minneapolis MC Botzy has forged his way as a solo artist and event organizer (for the Best Love Is Free showcase) as of late, and he's set to release a new album, Buck Fotzy, on July 9th. "Couldn't Breathe" is lifted from that forthcoming record, and finds the rapper hooking up with the Chalice's Lizzo for the vibrant, horn-laden number. The video was directed by Adam J. Dunn, and finds Botzy's love-lorn lyrics illuminated with colorful illustrations that help bring the meaning of the track into focus.

Mousey McGlynn - "Walked To The Water"

Mousey McGlynn just celebrated the release party for her new video at Co Exhibitions on May 10. And the pulsing, hypnotic "Walked to The Water," has hints of the moody, electronic pulse of Bjork. The spartan video, which was done by Whiteout Media of Minneapolis, only adds to the mysterious aura of the song itself, which is lifted from 2011's Mousey EP.

Soundset 2013 in the Blink of an Eye

If our comprehensive, exhaustive coverage of this year's Soundset festival wasn't quite enough for you, Rhymesayers has put out some videos that give quick glimpses into what it takes to set up a festival like Soundset, as well as some of the musical fun and festivities that took place this past Sunday. This clip gives you an overview of what went down both onstage and in the crowd, with shots of various live performances, break dancers, back stage hijinks, and audience revelry all wrapped up in one succinct two minute video. Yeah, this was some party.

Annie and the Bang Bang - "Explode With Happy, Man"

Longtime Twin Cities artist/musician Annie Enneking recently received the 2012 Minnesota Regional Arts Council's Next Step Grant, which helped support the recording and release of Annie and the Bang Bang's self-titled debut album. The exuberant "Explode With Happy, Man" is lifted from that record, and the lighthearted video (directed by Tish Stringer) perfectly captures the fun that can happen when good friends gather on their bicycles on a perfect summer day.

Nate's Word of the Day, Chapter 6: Music

Minneapolis artist Nate Maydole is in the midst of a series of year-long 'Word Of The Day' projects, where he picks a theme and films a brief clip of him (and his friends) saying a word that relates or adds to that theme, all shot from various locations around the world. His newest chapter focuses on music, and this clip artfully captures what it is about songs that stir the soul, told from many different, recognizable spots from the Twin Cities and beyond (with cameos from the 4onthefloor's Gabe Douglas and Astronautalis, who have both worked with Maydole on their videos in the past). It's a quick view of what makes music so great, as well as a statement about how fast a year can pass us all by.

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