Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we kick things off with a Dan Huiting-directed City of Music video for Volcano Choir, who are set to play a sold-out show at First Avenue this Friday. We're also featuring new clips from Aaron & the Sea, Southside Desire, CLAPS, Greycoats, the Blind Shake, and La Madness. Also, a wonderful new live session from new Picked to Click honorees Carroll, a rousing Radio K in-studio performance from the Chambermaids, and an exquisite North Shore Session from John Mark Nelson. Enjoy!

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Volcano Choir - "Comrade"

Volcano Choir's glorious new Repave has won over the Twin Cities, as evidenced by the quick sell-out of their First Avenue show tomorrow night. This intimate clip of the group performing a soaring take on "Comrade," was captured at an old tannery in Milwaukee by the talented City of Music crew, led by director/editor Dan Huiting. Justin Vernon seems to be delivering his moving lyrics from a makeshift pulpit, which suits the heavenly nature of the song itself. Volcano Choir's first ever North American show was at the Cedar in 2011 and tomorrow should be quite a special occasion.

Carroll at The Hideaway Recording Studio

Carroll came in at #4 in this year's Picked to Click poll, and the young quartet seem poised to capitalize on the added attention with their forthcoming debut full-length, which they are currently in the process of writing and recording. They give their fans a sneak peak of where they are taking their sound in this riveting performance at the Hideaway Recording Studio in Minneapolis for a new live music video series called Spaces.

CLAPS - "White Lies"

The moody Minneapolis synth pop trio CLAPS are back with a new 12" EP called Lies/White Lies, and this sinister sounding/looking video for "White Lies" is the first taste of their current sound. The video was created by Joseph Kolean and Joshua Van Wynen, and the clip perfectly suits the ominous nature of the mercurial track. The Lies/White Lies 12" is set to be released in the very near future by Forward Records, but for now just groove along to the dark electro-pop churn of "White Lies."

The Blind Shake - "Le Pasion"

Anyone who has ever caught a blistering live show from the Blind Shake immediately recognizes that the fiery rock trio are one of the best bands going in the Twin Cities. The group has just released their new album, Key To A False Door, and are currently on a high-profile tour of the U.S. with Thee Oh Sees and OBN III's, a jaunt which finds them hitting up the Amsterdam on October 21. This striking video for their new track "Le Pasion," was shot entirely in Belgium by director Raphael Parmentier, at a wild event called "Alle Amerikaanse Weekend," which perfectly suits the untamed spirit of the song.

The Chambermaids - "China Blue (Live on Radio K)"

The Chambermaids are finally back with a fantastic new full-length, Whatever Happened Tomorrow, and the enthralling Minneapolis noise pop quartet recently dropped by the Radio K studios to play a spirited version of "China Blue," the centerpiece of the new album. Seriously, get the Chambermaids' new record, see them live if you can, and you'll fall under their shoegazey spell as well. It's great to have them back.

Southside Desire - "When I Was Your Queen"

Southside Desire recently had a moving party for their label, Piñata Records, and wisely decided to record the festivities and turn it into a spirited, celebratory video for "When I Was Your Queen" -- directed by Gordon Byrd from Teenage Moods -- one of the vibrant standouts on their wonderful debut album, Songs To Love And Die To. The group has decided to take a bit of a break from the many shows they have been playing as of late to focus on writing and recording their new album, which they are planning on releasing at some point in 2014, but for now, dance along with Marvel Devitt and the rest of the band to the smooth sounds of "When I Was Your Queen."

John Mark Nelson - "Rain Comes Down (North Shore Session)"

And to think at one point we were worried that John Mark Nelson's band wouldn't be able to fit on the Entry stage. Here, John and his talented band pack themselves intimately into the back of a '99 Suburban to deliver a cozy but still stunning North Shore Sessions take on "Rain Comes Down." Appropriately enough, it was a rainy night in Minneapolis when they recorded this performance, and the close quarters only adds to the poignancy of the number. The clip was directed and edited by Trent Waterman, who also shot the performance along with Davin Haukebo-Bol (how many people did they fit in this van?!). The track comes from John's wonderful record, Waiting and Waiting, and indeed, he is keeping his fans waiting patiently for a new record that John and his band are in the process of recording.

Aaron & The Sea - Blac of Heart from Aaron & The Sea on Vimeo.

Aaron & the Sea - "Blac of Heart"

Aaron & the Sea are back with a glorious new EP, Cloak & Dagger, and the first single from the new batch of tunes is "Blac of Heart." The stylish video for the track brings out the haunting, ethereal nature of the song itself. The new EP was produced by the band along with Grant Cutler, who also mixed the record, and the dreamlike soundscapes featured on the collection certainly contain plenty of Cutler's elegant influence. Aaron & the Sea are set to take their music to a wider audience as they are set to play the Iceland Airwaves festival in two weeks.

Greycoats - "The Chemic Drop"

Greycoats have just released another striking video drawn from their recent record, World Of Tomorrow. This clip is for the lead-off track on the album, "The Chemic Drop," and was shot and edited by Dan Stewart. The band had to reschedule their Turf Club residency when the club was sold to First Avenue, and have now planned a residency at Amsterdam instead, which includes their opening set for Grant Hart on November 13 as part of Sound Unseen. The band is also playing free shows at Amsterdam on November 6 (with Brighton and Strange Relations) and November 20 (with Jeremy Yvislaker), as well as a special Thanksgiving Eve show at Amsterdam on November 27 along with Prissy Clerks and Retribution Gospel Choir, which should be an amazing way to kick off the long holiday weekend.

La Madness - "Got Me Wrong"

We end things at Local Frames this week with a proverbial bang, with the gritty blues metal of La Madness. Their clip for "Got Me Wrong," which is taken from the Minneapolis quartet's debut record, Chances Are, was directed by Alexander Kohnstamm. If you like what you see and hear in this rousing video, the group has a show tomorrow night at Mayslacks