Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

A premiere of the new music video from Deleter boisterously launches the week. We've also got new clips from Muja Messiah (featuring Brother Ali and Boots Riley), L'Assassins, Dan Wilson, Literati, Danger Ron & the Spins, and Sarah Krueger. We're also highlighting live performance videos from the Stand4rd, American Scarecrows, and Whatever Forever. Enjoy!

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Deleter - "Secret Seas"

Minneapolis post-punk quartet Deleter make a raucous return with their new single/video, "Secret Seas." The track is lifted off of their Zweite Komposition EP, which will be released on December 19 by Land Ski Records and 25 Diamonds Record Label. The group is celebrating their new collection with a record release show at the Hexagon that Friday night, along with support from Ripper and Strange. As for the "Secret Seas" video -- which was directed by Deleter's Joshua McKay & Knol Tate (who also edited/art directed the clip) -- the band describes it as, "A musical & visual introspection on denying and ultimately accepting identity." The track rocks, no question, and you just might find yourself dancing right along with Natalie Grace McKay, who gives the stark clip a stylish pulse.

Muja Messiah - "Pocket Full of Slave Owners (feat. Brother Ali and Boots Riley)"

There is a definitive unrest coursing through the heart of this country at the moment, and Muja Messiah's potent new video for "Pocket Full of Slave Owners" taps into that restless frustration and anger that is being voiced in protests in cities throughout the U.S. The bold MC is joined on the track by two renowned lyricists who have never been afraid to speak their minds for causes they believe in -- Brother Ali and the Coup's Boots Riley. The track is both incendiary and inflammatory, rattling the cages of comfortable America by calling into question our status-quo as well as our understanding of history. With the serene setting of the San Francisco coastline as a backdrop, Messiah delivers his fiery verses that only pick up steam as the track rolls on, before Ali and Riley vehemently join in the lyrical fray. Adam Stanzak directed the video, which gives vibrant life to one of the standout tracks on Messiah's spirited album, God Kissed It The Devil Missed It.

The Stand4rd - "Wavey (Live at Reggie's Chicago)"

Following a brief, sold-out run of U.S. shows (including stops in both St. Paul and Minneapolis), the Stand4rd give fans that didn't make it to the gigs an idea as to the type of magic that went on once the local collective took to the stage. This dynamic run through of our Picked to Click star Allan Kingdom's "Wavey" really comes to life in a live setting, as both he and Spooky Black take the song to new heights with a packed crowd in front of them singing right along. The performance is stylishly presented by 1833, and expertly shot by Elevator (with additional footage from Baby), who all capture the captivating, ethereal spirit of the song and the performance. After recently offering up their debut album for free and captivating packed rooms throughout the country, the Stand4rd are set to have a massive 2015.

Sarah Krueger - "Nothing Hits Me"

We recently shared Sarah Krueger's performance as part of A Prairie Home Companion's Duluth show in advance of the release of her new album, Lustrous. And now the talented singer/songwriter has just released the first video drawn from that wonderful collection, "Nothing Hits Me," which was stylishly directed/shot/edited by Trent Waterman. The party-filled clip (with plenty of recognizable faces) is interspersed with striking, wintry images of a frozen lake, all of which adds to the aching poignancy of the track itself. Catch Krueger's record release show this Saturday at Icehouse with BBGUN.

L'Assassins - "Kill Kill"

The bold and brazen garage-punk quartet L'Assassins just released "Kill Kill," the final video in their recent film series for their rousing new EP, Kill! Kill! Kill! Bang! Bang! Bang! Each of the clips was directed by Tyler Jensen, who gives affectionate nods to landmark films like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Reform School Girls, and the James Bond series in his own work, while bringing L'Assassins fiery songs to vivid life on the screen. You can catch the ladies doing their thing live this Friday at the Triple Rock, as they will be performing with Narco States and Violent Shifters, who will both be celebrating their record releases that night.


Dan Wilson - "Love Without Fear"

Dan Wilson just released a new video for his recent single, "Love Without Fear," which features drawings and lettering that was done entirely by Wilson's hand. That careful, painstaking attention to detail imbues the gorgeous number with even more sincerity and candor. Wilson says of the process, "Creating these pieces was a completely new kind of challenge for me, surprisingly complex and difficult but very fun." In addition to Wilson's vibrant drawings, the video was directed by Noah Lamberth and digitally edited by Peter Dawson.

Literati - "Tear Gas"

The unruly Minneapolis hip-hop crew Literati make a strong return to the scene with this brazen new video for "Tear Gas," drawn from their recent album, Fait Accompli. The cinematic, violent clip was produced, directed, photographed and edited by Literati's own Mercies May for Strange and Distant Pictures , who builds on the combustible nature of the song by confronting us with frightening but all-too-familiar images of hostages meeting a brutal end. The dramatic twist at the end of the video calls into question how the nightly news frequently twists and distorts the facts to fit their own agenda, and that where we choose to get our information from can color how we view the world socio-politically.

Danger Ron & the Spins - "Spectral Jesus"

Minneapolis garage-rock quartet Danger Ron & the Spins just released their rousing new album, Carpet, back in November. And now the group has just shared a space-focused video for one of the standout tracks from that spirited collection, "Spectral Jesus." The group fittingly describes the clip as, "NASA has a disco party," and the astral themed images fit the rollicking sounds of the song perfectly. This is a jam to keep us all warm for the winter.

American Scarecrows - "Gods of the West (Live at the Barn)"

Minneapolis rock trio American Scarecrows just released this rousing live clip of their performance of "Gods Of The West," which is one of many gems from their recent record, Yesteryear. The video comes from a set the band played at the Barn, a space that seems tailor-made to fit their rustic Americana vibe. The group is set to return to the more urban but equally suitable environment of the Turf Club on Thursday, December 18, where they will be joined by Verskotzi and Rudegirl, on a night where impassioned, genuine rock songs will surely electrify St. Paul.

Whatever Forever - Live at Sound Gallery

While we all wait patiently for something, anything new from Whatever Forever, this live clip of the quartet (with new member Frankie Teardrop playing bass) laying waste to the Sound Gallery has just surfaced via UnderCurrentMPLS. This potent minute-and-a-half number is catchy and boisterous enough to not only make you fall head-over-heels for the band (if you haven't already), but also want more music from them -- like immediately. Frankie really rounds out the lineup well, locking in with drummer Dave Gatchell while adding a gritty pulse beneath the crunchy guitar combo of Clara Salyer and Howard Hamilton III. Whenever Whatever Forever decides to finally share some official tracks with us, they will most likely turn the local music scene on its collective ear -- lets just hope they don't keep us waiting much longer.


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