Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week

This week's edition of Local Frames begins with a brilliant animated video from Hotelecaster. Stick around for new clips from J.E. Sunde, Pieta Brown, Brilliant Beast, Ecid, the Velveteens, Camp Dark, and Bomb Da Von. We've also featuring terrific live performance videos from the Blind Shake and the Dead Pigeons. Enjoy!

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Hotelecaster - "Preset 3"

Hotelecaster are set to release their debut EP, Farther Fewer, at Icehouse on Friday, February 27. They just released this brilliant Sims 4-sourced animated video for "Preset 3." The clip, conceived and put together by Madison's Aaron Yonda (creator of the Chad Vader video series), finds the animated versions of the members of the quartet making music and mischief throughout their simulated day, all set to the song's vibrant pulse.

J.E. Sunde - "I'm Gonna Disappoint You"

J.E. Sunde is the former frontman of the Daredevil Christopher Wright, and as of late he's shifted his creative direction to focus on the spare solo material that makes up his recent LP, Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God. One of the standouts of that album is the achingly beautiful "I'm Gonna Disappoint You," which is given a stark and riveting black-and-white video treatment by Joshua Ford. You can catch J.E. Sunde live at Sweet 317 on Friday, March 6, as part of a stacked triple bill that also features Adam Levy and LOTT.

The Blind Shake on the Lowertown Line

Before the Blind Shake and Swami John Reis get their surf on at the Turf Club tonight, you can catch the blistering rock trio on their own as part of tpt's the Lowertown Line. The group decidedly laid waste to the Amsterdam as part of "Noise Night" of the live music series, which also featured a spirited performance by Kitten Forever. In addition to thunderous takes on "I'm Not an Animal," "Old Lake," "Fly Right," and others, the Blind Shake also share the thoughts behind their group aesthetic (shaved heads, cryptic logos) and hand-crafted design work used to promote their shows and their music.

Pieta Brown - "Flowers of Love (Feat. Justin Vernon)"

Talented singer-songwriter Pieta Brown has strong ties to the area, and her glorious new album, Paradise Outlaw, was released by St. Paul label Red House Records. One of the beautiful gems on that record is "Flowers of Love," which features backing vocals and harmonies from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon (as well as deft contributions from JT Bates, Michael Rossetto, Jon Penner, and Bo Ramsey). Brown's album was recorded at Vernon's April Base studio. The kaleidoscopic video for this lovely number was directed by Mei-Ling Shaw Williams.

Brilliant Beast - "No Fate"

Minneapolis quartet Brilliant Beast are set to release a split EP with the powerhouse local rock trio Fury Things on February 25 at the Turf Club. And ahead of that big show (which also features the excellent Catbath), the group has just released a new video for "No Fate," a churning, ghostly shoegaze number that is drawn from their stellar forthcoming collaboration with Fury Things.


Velveteens' ~_^ Tonight from josé carlos on Vimeo.

The Velveteens - "Tonight"

The Velveteens are back with another shimmering gem of a video, this time out for the ethereal number "Tonight," a standout on the group's recent record, Sun's Up. The colorful, hallucinogenic clip was done by Joe Burns. The Velveteens are set to play a stacked bill tonight at the Triple Rock, where they will be joined by Real Numbers, Principality, and Pale Spectre.

Charlie from Camp Dark on Vimeo.

Camp Dark - "Charlie"

Camp Dark are a relatively new group within the music scene, comprising scene vets Adam Svec and Graham O'Brien. "Charlie" is the first single/video lifted from their forthcoming debut album, Nightmare in a Day, out May 12. A record release show at Icehouse is planned for May 15 (where they will be joined by LOTT and the Starfolk). John Paul Burgess edited the video, which is drawn from spooky archival Radiotherapy footage mixed with passionate clips from vintage films. The haunting number is written as an epilogue to Tom Waits's "Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis."

Dead Pigeons - Presented by PBR and Hymie's from Lauren Josephine on Vimeo.

The Dead Pigeons - "Letter to a Saint (Live at Hymie's)"

This moving new performance clip from the Dead Pigeons continues the Live at Hymie's music video series (presented by PBR and Hymie's, and directed by Dan Huitiing and edited by Lauren Josephine). The talented Americana-drenched quintet proudly honed their musical skills on the rough and tumble stage at Palmer's Bar. "Letter to a Saint" is one of the emotional high (or low) points on the Dead Pigeons' recent debut LP, Even If I Knew. Their Conspiracy Series residency is every Tuesday night next month at the 331 Club.

Bomb Da Von - "Avarice"

Bomb Da Von are a new Minneapolis rock group composed of former members of Sing It Loud and Love Out Loud. The group are just winding down with their current tour of the Midwest, and are set to celebrate with a homecoming show at Honey on February 25 (where they will be joined by Preston Gunderson, Josh Clutter, and Whosah). The band has recently released a video for their catchy new single, "Avarice," which faintly echoes Hole's tempestuous hit "Celebrity Skin," with edgy, Kasabian-like elements thrown boldly into the mix.

Ecid - "Counterfeit Dreams"

Minneapolis MC Ecid is set to release his new album, Pheromone Heavy, on March 3, and the newest sample he's offering up from his forthcoming collection is "Counterfeit Dreams." The video, which was directed, shot, and edited by Mercies May, makes an acerbic statement about our contemporary celebrity-obsessed culture as well as the vacuousness of daytime TV shows. Following some tour dates out West, Ecid returns home to throw a record release party at the Triple Rock on Saturday, March 28, where he will be joined by Kristoff Krane, Cas One, and DJ Foolproof.


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