Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

The ultimate ode to bling from Frankie Teardrop gets things going straight away this week. We've also got new clips from Votel, Animal Lover, Atmosphere, a new episode of Spaces featuring BNLX, and a locally produced profile on Skaters. We're also featuring a trailer for an uninhibited documentary on Amphetamine Reptile Records and founder Tom Hazelmyer, an engaging glimpse into the local live tradition of the Mad Ripple Hootenanny, as well as a couple of performance clips from Mystery Date and Howler. Enjoy!

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Frankie Teardrop - "Bling Item"

Frankie Teardrop just had a raucous tour kickoff show at the Turf Club before they hit the road for some U.S. gigs opening up for Howler that will surely spread their charms to the rest of the country. And before they split town, the band just released this new video for "Bling Item." It's a quick and lively new track that they have been working into their sets as of late, and the video -- directed by Alex Uhrich -- features the group and their exuberant friends showing off their jewelery as they have some fun around town. If you like this jam, you can download "Bling Item" for free on Frankie's bandcamp page. Nice one!

Votel - Full Album Stream

Votel has just released one of the best local records of the year, and this video that accompanies a full-album stream of their self-titled effort only adds to the intoxicating nature of their sound. The video comes from a YouTube user named MisterPersuasion, and features the journey of the impressive model train at the Hennepin Overland Railway Historical Society located in South Minneapolis. The leisurely trek of the train fits together perfectly with the simmering, electro-pop quality of Votel's album, which stylishly unfolds as the model train chugs hypnotically down the track.

BNLX - Spaces Ep. 4 at Flowers Studio

For their fourth episode, the creative folks behind Spaces headed over to Flowers Studio, the headquarters of BNLX, to record a session with the talented trio and have a chat with the band and their faithful tour manager, Wiggy. In addition to a crisp three-song set featuring their hits, "Vibrant," "Opposites Attract," and "1929," the group also graciously gives a glimpse into one of the best and most storied recording studios in Minneapolis, all captured vividly by Producer/Camera Operator Nate Matson and his gifted crew. You can catch BNLX at Cause on May 16 when they open for Two Harbors' record release show along with Fury Things and Stereo Confession.

The Color of Noise Documentary Trailer

I shared my love of Amphetamine Reptile Records and the inspired work of Tom Hazelmyer in my City Pages cover story on the label and the influence it holds over modern music. And now, anyone who isn't already aware of the great work that Haze XXL and AmRep have been churning out for decades now, can be won over by The Color Of Noise documentary, which features music and comical stories from the litany of bands and artists who recorded for the venerable Minneapolis label over the years. The doc will have a grand premiere at Jack White's Third Man Records on May 30, and hopefully will find its way into local theatres soon after. But for now, check out this extended trailer for the film, and gain a deeper appreciation for Tom and the innovative, fiercely original work that he's done at AmRep.

Animal Lover - "Neighbors"

Animal Lover is a noisy band who has clearly been influenced by the untamed sound and style of Amphetamine Reptile. The raucous Minneapolis trio are set to release their new album, Guilt, on May 20, and this clip for "Neighbors" is the spirited first track offered up from the collection. The album is the group's second release, but first for Learning Curve Records. They will be celebrating their blistering new work with a record release show at the Turf Club on May 15 with their cohorts STNNNG, Solid Attitude, and Les Deux Magots, before they hit the road for a U.S. tour throughout the rest of the month. The ominous, Western-themed video was done by Voice of Pizza, and only adds to the gripping urgency of the track itself.


The Mad Ripple Hootenanny

The Mad Ripple Hootenanny has been bringing together music fans for nearly a decade now, and this engaging video illuminates the communal charms of Jim Walsh's impromptu weekly jam nights. The Hoot has taken on a new life at Harriet Brewing's Tap Room of late, and this clip gives you a glimpse at what makes these nights and performances so special and important for the local music community. Walsh proudly extols the virtues of homegrown music, songwriters, and beers that feature prominently in any successful Hoot, and for those of you who haven't experienced the unexpected joys of these events, hopefully this video will encourage you to seek out a Hootenany and maybe even get up onstage yourself and add to the song and the spirit of the night.

Atmosphere - "Camera Thief"

Atmosphere's locally-themed new album, Southsiders, just came out earlier this week to nationwide acclaim and attention. And to capitalize on the momentum, Slug and Ant just released a new video for the lead-off track to the record, "Camera Thief," which is directed by Andrew Melby. The black and white clip features Slug wandering through a desolated airplane wasteland, looking a bit lost while he delivers his surefire rhymes. After a couple of sold out release parties in New York and L.A., Atmosphere hit the road hard for the next couple of months, including a headlining slot at Soundset on May 25.

Mystery Date - "The One That You Really Want (Live on Radio K)"

Mystery Date are another top-notch band out of the Piñata Records camp, and the group recently dropped by the Radio K studios for a spirited live session, which yielded this emphatic take on "The One That You Really Want." The track is featured on the group's new "You And Your Sister" 7" , a spirited collection of three stellar tracks record at Old Blackberry Way with Neil Weir. Between Southside Desire, Black Diet, and now Mystery Date, Piñata Records is clearly on fire as of late, and this live clip of the power-pop majesty of Mystery Date should get you all on board with these guys if you aren't already.

MFR Presents SKATERS @ 7th St. Entry from Laura Yurich on Vimeo.

Skaters - Live at 7th St. Entry (MFR Presents)

Laura Yurich and the rest of the folks at Minneapolis Fucking Rocks were clearly psyched when NYC's Skaters came through town a while back. And to document the good times and great show that the band put on at the Entry, they put together this short clip that features some of the energetic performance as well as a lively interview session with the group. The video -- directed/edited by Eric Ortiz, mixed by Ian Morland, recorded by Jordan Lillibridge, and produced by Yurich, Ortiz, and Morland -- is the first entry in a series they are calling MFR Presents, and based on how great this initial effort turned out, let's hope that more videos are on their way in the near future.

Howler - "Don't Wanna (Studio Brussel Session)"

Howler recently rolled through Europe, delighting their fans overseas with their raucous World Of Joy jams. Jordan Gatesmith and Ian Nygaard stripped things down for a lovely acoustic take on "Don't Wanna" for Studio Brussel (the same track they played for an NME Basement Session while in the UK). The local lads have returned back to the States now, and are going to play a few shows with another Minneapolis success story (and fellow Local Frames feature artist) Frankie Teardrop -- a series of boisterous shows that should prove to the rest of the country that the Twin Cities has the rock scene on lock at the moment.

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