Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

A debut video from Prairie Fire Lady Choir gets things going for us this week. We've also got new clips from Fury Things, Manny Phesto, Dichotomy, Célosia, Wilkinson James, and another installment of MFR Presents, this time highlighting Jessica Lea Mayfield. We're also featuring an MN Original profile on recent Soundset headliners, Atmosphere, a raucous in studio performance from Some Pulp, and a music video shot in Cuba by Illuminous 3's Tufawon and I Self Devine. Enjoy!

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Prairie Fire Lady Choir - "All My Little Words"

The Prairie Fire Lady Choir is a Twin Cities singing group with more than 50 current active members. In addition to performing at many different venues and events throughout the state, the ladies were also featured on the locally-based Magnetic Fields cover album, Absolutely Cuckoo: Minnesota Covers the 69 Love Songs. The dulcet harmonies of the choir permeate their lovely cover of "All My Little Words," which is given the black and white video treatment by one of their fellow choir members, Areca Roe. The relatively unadorned clip puts the focus squarely on the penetrating vocals, as it should be, and the resonant vocals of the Prairie Fire Lady Choir does the rest in this stirring clip. You can catch the PFLC at the Cedar on June 13, as they take part in the Songbird Sessions with Aby Wolf and Shiro Dame.

Fury Things - "Follow"

New things are brewing in the Fury Things camp. The boisterous rock trio recently released a new 7" filled with three rowdy new songs, and are just set to start recording their full-length debut at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. One of the standout tracks on their new 7-inch is "Follow," a guitar-fueled jam with a catchy, irresistible chorus. A Fury Things fan from Mankato, Chuck, put together this classic skateboarding video for the track, and the dynamic skills and energy on display in the clip perfectly matches up with the spirit of the song itself. Chuck is also the host of the MN Music Hour on the Maverick, KMSU, and certainly knows a great MN band when he hears one. Be sure to catch Fury Things at First Avenue this Friday, as they cover the music of Hole as part of Girl Germs Live Tribute to Women in Rock.

Some Pulp - "Surfer Girl" and "Oh Oh (Who's Crying Now)" (Live on Radio K)

Minneapolis garage-rock trio Some Pulp recently dropped by the Radio K studios for a feisty live session. In addition to exuberantly covering the Beach Boys classic, "Surfer Girl," they also tore into one of their own jams, "Oh Oh (Who's Crying Now)," which fit perfectly alongside the '60s summertime smash. Some Pulp just released their self-titled full-length debut on Forged Artifacts, and the group seem poised to break out beyond their dedicated fans who come out to the clubs and basements to see them play, and this release seems geared to effortlessly win over any local music fan who still has access to a tape player.

MFR Presents Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Turf Club from Laura Yurich on Vimeo.

MFR Presents - Jessica Lea Mayfield at Turf Club

The folks at Minneapolis Fucking Rocks are back with their second installment of MFR Presents, this time featuring Jessica Lea Mayfield. On May 8, Mayfield and her band rolled through the Turf Club in St. Paul for a lively show, and MFR was there to capture some of the memorable live moments, as well as a brief interview with Jessica herself. The video was produced by Laura Yurich, Ian Morland, and Eric Ortiz (who also directed and edited the clip), and the engaging interview finds Mayfield opening up about the appeal of life on the road, and her long career as a touring musician (since she was 8-years-old!). Once again, MFR Presents gives us a more in depth glimpse into the backstories of musicians who come through town to entertain us, while also deepening the connection these artists have already made with their fans.

Dichotomy - "Subterranean"

Indie-electronic trio Dichotomy are set to released their second full-length on Saturday, May 31 at Cause. And the group are just offering up the mind-bending new video for the title-track, "Subterranean." The innovative, beat-heavy track is reminiscent of the anything goes Haçienda days in Manchester, when rock 'n' roll collided head on with rave culture. The clip was directed by Josh Lieske and Efren Maldonado, who both did a great job captured the untamed energy of the track itself.


Manny Phesto - "Cedar Ave"

Minneapolis MC Manny Phesto recently released first full-length album, Southside Looking In, and this is a video for one of the standout tracks on that collection, "Cedar Ave." The video features a simple but effective concept, with Manny riding his bike through his old neighborhood, all while delivering his spirited flow (while also taking time out to say hi to his friends). The clip was shot by Morningside Films, while the track (and the entire album) was produced by Mike the Martyr. This track has a classic hip-hop feel to it, with Manny Phesto's heartfelt rhymes injecting the track with a personal, passionate edge.

Wilkinson James - "Hank Williams Cadillac Blues"

Minneapolis country duo Wilkinson James have been performing around the Twin Cities since 2008. But the group (comprised of Liz Wilkinson and AJ Scheiber) are finally getting around to releasing their debut record, Love and Justice, sometime this year, which will be produced by Romantica's Ben Kyle. This video for "Hank Williams Cadillac Blues" showcases plenty of the band's talents and charms, while the cinematic clip (directed by James Snapko) adds to the resonant poignancy of the song itself.

Atmosphere - MN Original Profile

Atmosphere just headlined a sold-out Soundset over the holiday weekend, the biggest festival yet in that event's growing history. The folks at MN Original just did a revealing profile on Slug and Ant for their program, delving into the history of the group, their rise to fame, along with some of the lessons they learned along the way. Before Atmosphere's recent show at First Avenue as part of their Welcome to MN Tour, Slug opens up about the band's early days, the creative camaraderie that he shares with Ant, as well as the ways in which he has witnessed hip-hop change both locally and nationally since he started out. This is an engaging glimpse into one of the biggest names in Minnesota hip-hop, and it's refreshing to see and hear that success hasn't really changed Slug a bit.

"Quiero Volar" Closer Than You Think | The Cuban Artist Project from 612im on Vimeo.

Tufawon, I Self Devine, and Yrak Saenz - "Quiero Volar"

Illuminous 3's Tufawon recently flew to Cuba with I Self Devine as part of the US Cuba Artist Exchange. Their travels and adventures while down there will comprise part of the forthcoming documentary, Closer Than You Think. And, in addition to that worthwhile project, the two MC's also got together with Cuban hip-hop musicians, Yrak Saenz and Mo aka the Magician, and they recorded a track together, "Quiero Volar," and made a video for it before they had to come back to the States. The clip gives you a look at the streets of Cuba, as well as the flavor of their music scene, which blends well with the Twin Cities flow of Tufawon and Chaka. They forged some lasting friendships with the people they met in Cuba, who will be coming to Minnesota in June to continue to foster that creative partnership.

Célosia - "Babyluv"

We continue the international flavor here at Local Frames with this video for Célosia, an alt-rock/Blues band formed in Minneapolis but currently residing in Paris. The City of Light features prominently in this video for "Babyluv" -- directed by Pierre-François and filmed by Paul Chapel -- which has a smooth, jazzy feel that is only augmented by the stately surroundings on the banks of the Seine. Vocalist Frances Priya gives the track an unguarded emotional honestly, while the bluesy arrangements only heighten the sentiments of the song. The group will be returning to the Twin Cities this summer to record their full-length debut, so we should hopefully be hearing more from them in the coming months.

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