Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


A new video from Birthday Suits gets Local Frames going this week. We're also featuring new clips from LNJAY, Niki Becker, Words for Penga, and Scott Wooldrigde. We're also highlighting a new batch of videos from Season Nine of Adam J. Dunn's Lights and a Backdrop series, with clips from Aby Wolf, B.O.Y.F., Moon and Pollution, the Lowry Hill Murder, and Hustle Rose. Enjoy!

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Birthday Suits - "Golden Week"

Minneapolis garage-punk duo Birthday Suits are back with a vengeance. In addition to releasing their blistering new album, Spin the Bottle: Adult Party, earlier this week, they are also celebrating their 10-year anniversary as a band with a blowout at the Turf Club on Saturday night. To promote their big show and their raucous new record, Hideo Takahashi and Matthew Kazama just put out a brand new video for one of the joyous highlights of their new collection, "Golden Week." The video is culled from clips and photos taken by Hideo himself, as he provides a stylish visual accompaniment to their churning new single. After some time off, it's great to have Birthday Suits back rocking the local music scene once again.

LNJAY - "World Keeps Going Round"

We've featured the young north Minneapolis hip-hop/R&B duo LNJAY a few times before on Local Frames, and now the talented ladies have just released the first official video for their insightful new single, "World Keeps Going Round." The track is lifted off of their debut EP, Listen, while the clip itself was shot and directed by local videographer Jake Handegard for Morningside Films. LNJAY worked with Minneapolis rapper Mike Dreams on their new batch of songs, and on "World Keeps Going Round" it's clear that not only does this burgeoning group have their own distinctive voice and sound, but they have hooks and percipient rhymes galore. With all of the negative and violent headlines, it's encouraging to hear these young artists taking their tough times and turning them into art that can inspire us all.

Niki Becker - "Running"

Niki Becker is back with "Running," the smoldering second single drawn from her forthcoming new album, Reactor. The track fluidly blends a rustic Americana sound with a stylish touch of soul, as Becker's smoky vocals rise above the ominous guitar churn that pushes the track forward. Becker filmed and edited the new video herself, providing an intimate, fractured glimpse into her creative heart that complements the song perfectly. Becker has planned a celebratory record release show for Reactor at the Eagle's Club on June 13, where she will be joined by Catbath, and Strange Relations.

Words for Penga - "Drown"

Words for Penga are an emerging progressive rock quintet out of Minneapolis. They're set to release their full-length debut on Friday, May 1, and to promote the new collection, they have just released a video for their first single, "Drown." There is a slow-burning, simmering quality to the track, which eventually ignites in a raucous chorus that serves as a desperate plea. This song/video was recorded live at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, and captures the combustible talents of this young band. Hopefully, as the album gains traction around town, Words for Penga will schedule some live dates to bring their new songs to life for their growing local fan base.

Scott Wooldridge - "If You Don't Keep Running You Fall Behind"

Scott Wooldrige is getting set to release his new self-titled record at Harriet Brewing on May 3. To promote the show and his new record, Scott released this DIY travelogue video for "If You Don't Keep Running You Fall Behind," the lead-off track on his new collection. The clip documents his Midwestern tour this past February, and the rustic charms of the acoustic-laden track are augmented by the "friends on the front porch, playing music and drinking beers" vibe of the video. For Wooldrige's record release show, he will be joined by fellow singer-songwriters Dan Israel and Doug Collins, along with other friends who helped breathe some life into Scott's new material.


Aby Wolf - "Hive"

B.O.Y.F. - "She Doesn't Do Drugs"

Moon and Pollution - "I Know..."

The Lowry Hill Murder - "The Architect"

Hustle Rose - "Get Some"

All five of these striking new videos are drawn from Adam J. Dunn's ninth season of Lights and a Backdrop (LAAB). The talented local director has taken a simple concept -- put artists and musicians in front of a plain background and let them do their thing -- and turned it into a thriving, stylish glimpse at some of the freshest bands currently in the Twin Cities music scene.

Dunn's cinematic eye sharply augments Aby Wolf's haunting melodies in "Hive," as well as B.O.Y.F.'s playful, Mary Tyler Moore-like vamping in "She Doesn't Do Drugs," along with the hymn-like charms of Moon and Pollution's pulsating electro-pop jam, "I Know..." the unified creative drive of the Lowry Hill Murder's "The Architect," and Hustle Rose's soulful, assured swing in "Get Some." The tracks -- as well as the artists themselves -- truly come alive in this spare setting, with the camera capturing intimate performances from these musicians that only elevates their material.

The distinctive songs also provide a vibrant cross-section of what the current Twin Cities music scene sounds like. Aby Wolf's stunning collaboration with the innovative producer Grant Cutler doesn't need elaborate visuals to distract you from the track's ghostly appeal. B.O.Y.F.'s buoyant pop allure is perfectly captured while the trio has some fun showing off in front of the camera.

Moon and Pollution's modern twist on trip-hop is brought vividly to life in the shadowy black-and-white treatment, as the focus shifts between light and darkness while the moody song takes flight. The Lowry Hill Murder is a brand new collaborative project spearheaded by Colin Kerns, who picks a different singer-songwriter to work with on his one-off tracks, with "The Architect" coalescing due to Adam Svec's wistful vocals and Kern's minimal but moving arrangements.

The funk and soul group Hustle Rose brought a party vibe with them to the studio, which perfectly suits their lively new single, "Get Some." Look for their new record, Stay Up, to be released this July. Nice work to Dunn and all of the bands involved in his LAAB sessions. These were truly a pleasure to watch, and I highly suggest that you check out the other cool music videos in the series.

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