Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week

This is one of a couple fake 'staches Chris Koza wears in this video.

This is one of a couple fake 'staches Chris Koza wears in this video.

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

Chris Koza's new video for "Electric Tide" is a highlight of this week's videos. We've also got new clips from Rabbit Holes, Catbath, Nallo, Skittish, Magic Castles, and a short promo clip for the just announced new edition of Drone Not Drones. We're also featuring live performance videos from Beasthead, Total Fucking Blood, and this year's Picked to Click winner, Allan Kingdom. Enjoy!

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Chris Koza - "Electric Tide"

Chris Koza just celebrated the release of his new solo album, In Real Time, at the Cedar last week. Here's the video for "Electric Tide." The cinematic clip was conceived and directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Mark Jwayad, and stars Koza alongside actors Azure Parsons and Nick Puga, who all bring the concept of the video and Koza's catchy song to life in their comical underwater adventures. Koza is currently on the road supporting singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson.

Allan Kingdom - "Evergreens (Live on the Current)"

Our Picked to Click winner and cover star, Allan Kingdom, recently dropped by the Current studios to deliver a dynamic live set. This clip of "Evergreens," drawn from his innovative recent record, Future Memoirs, shows why Kingdom topped this year's PTC poll, as his deft lyrical skills and unique flow are on full display. With his solo work and his collaborative efforts with the Stand4rd, Kingdom is on the forefront of the new and exciting direction of Twin Cities hip-hop.

Rabbit Holes - "I Ain't Coming Back Tonight"

Minneapolis rock trio Rabbit Holes recently put out a killer 7" on Big Action Records, and the flip-side to that single is the potent jam, "I Ain't Coming Back Tonight." The guys just put together this playful video for the track while they had a day off in Wisconsin Dells while on a short tour of the Midwest. The band shot the video themselves, and the distinct DIY nature of the clip adds to the track's raw appeal. Drummer Adam Bubolz tried his hand at editing the video for the first time, and the results work well to complement the fiery urgency of the number.

Magic Castles - "Sky Sounds"

The experimental psych-rock quintet Magic Castles just released their new LP, Sky Sounds, and this haunting, spacey clip for the title track augments its hypnotic beauty. The guys recorded their sonic masterpiece with Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way. The group was even wholeheartedly endorsed by none other than the Glaswegian twee-pop collective Belle and Sebastian, who caught one of their gigs down in Austin and were rightfully blown away by the talented Minneapolis group.

Nallo - "Breather"

Minneapolis rock quartet Nallo are set to celebrate the release of their excellent new album, Breather, with a record release show this Friday at the Hexagon. And to drum up even more excitement for their album and their show, the group just put out this playful and creative new clip for the title track to the record. The clip was directed by Andrew Ranallo, and features a stellar makeup job by Carolyn Blomberg, whose colorful work carries the entire clip and entirely transforms the band.


Catbath - "Law of Average"

The refreshingly eclectic local trio Catbath are still riding high from the release of their recent record, It's Bathtime. And now the group has put out a peculiar, PSA-like video for the feisty lead off track to that collection, "Law of Average." The striking clip was put together by artist Rev K, who does a terrific job adding to the spirit of the song with this throwback, black-and-white video. You can catch Catbath this Friday at Hymie's, when they open up for Nightosaur's all-ages vinyl release show. Should be epic.

Skittish - "Friendly Fire"

St. Paul folk-rock quartet Skittish are in the midst of releasing a bunch of free songs while they are in between albums, and "Friendly Fire" is the first track from that endeavor. The track will eventually be featured on an odds-and-sods collection, Orphans and B-Sides, but for now you can download the track for free and take in their quirky and creative video for the catchy little number. You can catch Skittish live as they give you a great reason to avoid the Black Friday commercial hordes by attending their show at Pourhouse with the Modern Era.

Total Fucking Blood - "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"

Due to the musical commitments of their band members, Total Fucking Blood don't get a chance to play live nearly enough for my tastes. But when they do, they destroy whatever stage they take to, with a blistering, raucous sound that devastates all who witness it. Take for example, this pummeling cover of the Van Halen classic "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," which the guys covered at the Foundry Pub in the North End of St. Paul for Matt Pirkl's birthday. The trio (composed of local music vets Pete Biasi, Ben Ivascu, and Adam Burt) bring the bombast of the stadium rock anthem to the Foundry's small stage, adding their own raw edge to the track that gives it a unhinged modern quality. Thankfully, someone captured this moment of musical magic, because this totally fucking rules.

Beasthead - "Warbanger - (feat. Ghost Meat)(Live on Radio K)"

The inventive Minneapolis group Beasthead recently wrapped up a highly successful residency at the Nomad, and in the midst of that they dropped by the Radio K studios for a highly entertaining Off the Record live session. This clip of the group tearing through one of their dynamic new songs, "Warbanger," is augmented by the lyrical flow of Glow Mechanics' emcee, Ghost Meat, who spiritedly joins in the pulsating musical ruckus the band is generating. The performance was shot by Branson Coltrane, David Ziemer, and Luke Michaels, with Coltrane handling the editing, and that talented crew captures the energy of the live performance perfectly. Catch Beasthead supporting Royal Canoe and Verskotzi at the Entry this Saturday night.

Drone Not Drones - Another 28-hour Drone Promo

Anyone who caught any portion of February's amazing 28-hour Drone Not Drones live event at the Cedar knew that founder Luke Heiken -- and all of the bands he assembled for the show -- hit on something magical with this live drone-in concept. And thankfully, plans are in place to stage another 28-hour Live Drone, this time out on January 30-31, 2015, again at the Cedar, which is the perfect home for the event. This brief promo video should get everyone excited for the show, while also giving those who are unaware of what drone music sounds like an aural idea, thanks to the blissful sounds of American Cream, drawn from last winter's drone. You can listen to the entirety of that show on the Drone Not Drones Bandcamp, and be sure to get your tickets to this year's show, for there truly is nothing else quite like it.


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