Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

A raucous new video from Frankie Teardrop gets things going full throttle this week. We've also got brand new clips from Lizzo & Caroline Smith, Haley Bonar, Suzie, Pennyroyal, Brian Laidlaw & the Family Trade, and a Lights and a Backdrop session from Guante. We've also got live performance videos from Vaski at Target Field, the Ericksons from the Current studios, and another Spaces episode featuring Tiny Deaths backstage at Varsity Theater. Enjoy!

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Frankie Teardrop - "Raiders"

Simply put, this new single from Frankie Teardrop just slays. "Raiders" is the title-track to Teardrop's blistering new EP, which he released on his own newly founded label, No Problem Records. As for this killer single, Frankie managed to fuse the moody melodies of the Cure with the boisterous garage rock of Crocodiles for one of the best tracks to emerge from the flourishing Twin Cities music scene in quite some time. The strobe laden video was shot by Alexander Uhrich, and edited by Frankie T himself. The pair manage to capture the potency of the band's live show as well as the regular-guy charms of Frankie.

Lizzo & Caroline Smith - "Let 'Em Say"

These two queens of the local music scene just had a very public two-night coronation party at First Avenue last weekend, and to celebrate the occasion they released this simple but endearing video for their new collaborative single, "Let 'Em Say." Lizzo and Caroline confidently stroll around Lake Street, making friends and meeting fans along the way. The clip was directed by Kron, who also shot the video with Hector Delgado. They perfectly captured the easy camaraderie of the two charismatic ladies, who proved that when they combine their musical talents (along with fresh beats provided by Tickle Torture), the results are relentlessly catchy and fun as hell.

Haley Bonar - "From A Cage"

Haley Bonar's new album, Last War, was just released in the U.K., and now she and her band are ready to bring their captivating new material to some choice European clubs at the end of October. One of the standouts from the new record is "From a Cage," which features the guest vocals of Justin Vernon, who adds to the track's moody, ominous quality. The video, directed and writen by Josh Quigley, captures the solitary desolation and personal sense of strength that courses through the song itself. It's a minimal number, especially when compared to the full arrangements that permeate Bonar's new album, but the genuine, heartbreaking emotions of the track are laid bare.

Guante - "Riverbed (LAAB Session)"

Local spoken word poet/hip-hop artist Guante delivers a staggering Lights and a Backdrop session for his new piece called "Riverbed." In it, Guante unloads some heavy issues that funerals typically unearth, all is his insightful, percipient rhymes and slow burning spoken word. The fresh beat is provided by Ganzobean, who gives the emotional, moving performance a dynamic edge. The end of the clip -- captured intimately by Adam J Dunn -- echoes Radiohead's "Just" video, where words are mouthed but you never quite know what specifically is said, leaving a dramatic air of mystery to the piece. But the pain of the track is made clear by the tears welling in Guante's eyes, to the point where words are no longer necessary.

Suzie - "Fantasy"

If you aren't on board with Suzie yet, you will be after this dynamic video for his new single, "Fantasy." Suzie is the vibrant side-project of Night Moves' Mark Ritsema, who channels his electro-pop influences into his effervescent new jams. This blurry, late-night at the club/party bus clip was filmed by Elise Pfau and Alex Uhrich, who compliment the sparkling nature of the track with their neon and fun-filled video. Suzie has a Halloween live show in the books at Cause (their first show since attempting to reopen, perhaps?) along with Fort Wilson Riot, and if you're looking forward to a soiree on All Hallows' Eve, look no further than this gig.


Tiny Deaths - Spaces Ep 7 Live Backstage at Varsity Theater

We've featured Tiny Deaths quite a bit on Gimme Noise/Local Frames as of late, and for good reason. Claire de Lune and Grant Cutler have crafted one of the best local releases of the year, and they deserve as much shine as the Twin Cities (and beyond) can throw their way. And combine Tiny Deaths with the imaginative folks behind the stylish local video series Spaces, and you have a definite win-win. This performance is shot from the inner recesses of the stately Varsity Theater (which I've never seen completely empty before), where Claire is joined by her full live band featuring drummer Jared Isabella, guitarist Aaron Baum, and bassist Ben Clark, who add their own sonic textures to "Ocean" and the stunning "Quantum." Just lovely.

The Ericksons - "My Love (Live at the Current)"

Speaking of one of the best local albums of the year, the Ericksons are set to celebrate the release of their glorious new record, Bring Me Home, this Friday at the Cedar Cultural Center. The sister-based group and their long creative journey to get to this point is featured in this week's print edition of City Pages (and online here). Before I chatted with them for that piece, Jenny Kapernick and Bethany Valentini were in the Current studios to record a live session. This performance of their dynamic new single, "My Love," is drawn from that session, and fully exemplifies the talents of the two sisters, as well as the bold new direction they are taking their captivating sound in.

PennyRoyal - 'Go Quiet' (Official Video) from Chris Korn on Vimeo.

Pennyroyal - "Go Quiet"

Local indie rock quartet Pennyroyal are back with another video drawn from their recent record, Baby I'm Against It, this time out for the simmering single, "Go Quiet." The slow-burning track is given a suitably stylish, minimalistic video by Chris Korn, who captures the spartan quality of the track with his stark visuals. The group has a big show at Icehouse coming up on Saturday, October 18, with their friends the Sudden Lovelys, which is part of Icehouse's Showcase Night on Fridays and Saturdays. So, if you like what you see and hear in this elegant video, make it out to the show and support two deserving local acts.

Vaski - Live at Target Field

Target Field welcomed several local bands to entertain the crowd from the left-field deck during games throughout the year, including locally bred DJ and electronic artist Vaski, who brought his catchy beats to the stadium towards the end of the season. The game experienced a rain delay, and Vaski dutifully stepped up and provided a banging soundtrack to chase away the storms while also getting the remaining fans dancing. Thankfully, the memorable moment was captured on video, with behind-the-scenes events on display along with Vaski's jam, "Last Night."

Brian Laidlaw & the Family Trade - "Jeremiad"

Brian Laidlaw is getting set to release a new solo album in a month or so, but in the meantime he's releasing a 7-inch along with the Family Trade that will one of the first releases from the new record label from Hymie's Vintage Records. The A-side to that 7-inch is this lovely number, "Jeremiad," which is given a stylish video treatment which combines studio footage with live performance clips, all of which adds to the natural, genuine appeal of the track itself. Laidlaw and the Family Trade are celebrating the release of their new 7-inch at the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, October 10, where they will be joined by Ben Weaver, who is also releasing a full-length album that night called I Would Rather Be A Buffalo, which will also be put out by Hymie's new record label.

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