Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

The week begins a wild new video from the new local hip-hop supergroup of Allan Kingdom, Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, and Psymun -- a.k.a. thestand4rd. We've also got new clips from We Are the Willows, Foxmo, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, a short film from Braver, and a 21st birthday celebration recap from Radio K. We're also featuring live performances from Black Diet, ZuluZuluu, the Blind Shake, and Hollow Boys -- covering the Twin Peaks theme, appropriately enough. Enjoy!

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thestand4rd - "Simple Needs"

This intoxicating new track from thestand4rd -- a new local hip-hop crew featuring Allan Kingdom, Spooky Black, Psymun, and Bobby Raps -- receives enthralling video accompaniment by Alex Howard. The smooth, laid-back R&B beats of the track are top notch, with deft production handled by thestand4rd and Doc McKinney. Even if "Simple Needs" wasn't a bona fide hit, the imaginative, avant-garde video itself would be enough to propel the number to a wider audience.

Black Diet - Skyway Sessions

Rewire and tpt's first installment of Skyway Sessions -- created in partnership with PBS Digital Studios -- features Black Diet, getting down and heating things up in the sterile, glass-encased skyway between Union Depot and tpt's parking ramp in St. Paul. And if you like what you hear, check out the band doing a full Lowertown Line episode on November 19 at the new Bedlam Lowertown.

We Are the Willows - "Dear Mrs. Branstner"

We Are the Willows are set to release a glorious new album, Picture (Portrait) Pt. 1, on November 4, and have shared with us another glimpse into the heart of the record with "Dear Mrs. Branstner." The album was inspired by a series of love letters exchanged between frontman Peter Miller's grandparents during World War II, and those tender missives give the tracks an added warmth and depth that immediately draws the listener in. The lovely video -- directed by PHOX's Zach Johnston -- complements those affectionate messages with old family photos.

ZuluZuluu - "On Our Way (Live from the Fucking Best Show Ever)"

The P.O.S.-curated the Fucking Best Show Ever featured Stef's first solo show since his kidney transplant, but there were a lot of other scorching sets throughout that day, including the futuristic Sun Ra-like vibes of ZuluZuluu. The group is comprised of local heavy hitters Greg Grease, DJ Just Nine, Taylor Johnson, Trelly Mo, Elliot Surber, Mychal Fisher, and G-Mo, who combine their talents into a wild, soulful amalgamation that is equal parts rap, funk, and border-expanding jazz. This brief clip -- shot/edited by Bryan Allen Lamb and produced by Greenroom Magazine -- of the band easing into the smooth grooves of "On Our Way."

Hollow Boys - "Falling (Twin Peaks Theme cover)"

The entertainment world was abuzz this week with the announcement that David Lynch's surreal world of Twin Peaks would be returning with new episodes on Showtime in 2016.  Hollow Boys recently gave their own gloomy, moody twist on the show's haunting theme "Falling," which was originally done by Julee Cruise. The past month was a great one for Hollow Boys, as they revisited their own impressive back catalog with a series of shows at Grumpy's downtown during their successful September residency. The group is scaling things back in October, and their only show of this month is this Saturday (October 11) at the Eagles Club, along with Nallo, Bombay Sweets, and the Awful Truth.


The Blind Shake - "Can't Stand Life (Live on the Lowertown Line)"

The mighty Blind Shake destroyed at Amsterdam Bar & Hall during a recent recording of the Lowertown Line billed as Noise Night. This clip of "Can't Stand Life" gives you a boisterous idea of what went down in St. Paul. The trio's new record, Breakfast of Failures, comes out on Goner Records on October 28. And before they hit the road for a big tour in support of that album, the Blind Shake are having a tour kickoff show at the Entry on Friday, October 17 along with the Hussy, American Cream, and Animal Lover.

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays - "Gravity (LAAB Session)"

Another group that has a highly anticipated new album set for release this fall is Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, who will put out their full-length debut, A Ghost to Find, on November 4. The group is also throwing a record release show at Icehouse on November 7, where they will be joined by Votel. The group recorded this Lights and a Backdrop session with Adam J Dunn, where they eased their way through the entrancing sounds of "Gravity," in the spare surroundings of the Southern Theater.

Braver - Ghost Cop (Pilot)

This ambitious video by Minneapolis punk band Braver is one of the coolest things I've come across recently. It's not a music video -- it's so much more than that -- it's the pilot episode of what the group intends to turn into a full blown comedic series. The clip follows the band as they hit the road on tour, but the bizarre stories they tell while traveling is what really turns this clip into something epic and enterprising. The story idea came from Andrew Muraszewski, Ryan Vee, and Parker Thompson, and was written by Muraszewski, who also directed the video along with Kurt Radtke. From concept to execution, the entire work is engaging and ambitious, and hopefully the group can continue to tell this innovative story that they have started.

Radio K 21st Birthday Recap

Radio K just reached legal drinking age recently, and the University of Minnesota's station threw themselves a week-long party. One highlight of the festivities was a seven-band, 21-song live show outdoors on the Washington Avenue Bridge near Wiley Hall. Mark Mallman, Chalk, Carroll, Human Kindness, France Camp, Bad Bad Hats, and Greg Grease all joined in the fun. This brief clip gives you an idea what the events looked like, while France Camp's raucous jam "Waste This Sun" provides the rollicking soundtrack.

Foxmo - "Used to Wake Up"

Last week we shared a clip of Brian Laidlaw & the Family Trade ahead of their 7-inch release show at the Cedar. Laidlaw also has a louder, rocking side to him as well, which he fully indulges in his new band with Oak Ribbons' Ben Radecki called Foxmo. The duo got together and the songs just started flowing, so they have recruited Sean Geraty to play drums and Lana Bolin to play bass, and the group is embarking on a Thursday night residency at Palmers throughout the month of October. The rousing first song they have shared with us is "Used to Wake Up," and the video for the exuberant track was shot by Alison Rogers in the studio of Honeytone Records and at Cause.

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