Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week features the premiere of a new video from France Camp, for "Baby Rock and Roll," the lead-off track to their recent album on Forged Artifacts. We're also featuring new clips from Spooky Black, Rabbit Holes, the Awful Truth, Squares, Botzy, and another Lights and a Backdrop vid, this time featuring King Fuvi. See some live performance clips from Chatham Rise, Sean Anonymous and Philip Morris, and a Canadian in-studio performance by Jeremy Messersmith. Enjoy!

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France Camp - "Baby Rock and Roll"

We're pleased to be premiering the new France Camp video here at Local Frames today. The theatrical clip is for "Baby Rock and Roll," the rousing lead-off track to the band's recent self-titled record. The video was directed by Tyler Torrison and edited by director of photography Marko Zitzer, who both manage to perfectly capture the spirit and tension within the track through this dramatic, but ultimately rather playful, clip.

Spooky Black - "Without You"

Don't let the lo-fi nature of this video for Spooky Black's "Without You" to keep you from getting completely lost within the hypnotic song itself. The young St. Paul musician had help crafting the ethereal nature of this track by producer Greaf, who creates a dreamy soundscape that suits Spooky Black's impassioned vocals. The track is lifted from Black's new album, Black Silk (where he goes by Lil Spook), while the stark, snow-covered video was directed and edited by Gabe Broderick, who adds to the relaxed elegance of the smooth, modern R&B number.

Rabbit Holes - "Run Away"

Rabbit Holes went down to the basement to shoot their new video for "Run Away," a raucous track that the group has plans to release sometime in the near future. The spare surroundings suit the urgency of the song itself, a propulsive, catchy number that the group recorded with Neil Weir at his Old Blackberry Way studio. The video was directed by Chris Jones, and his no-frills approach certainly complements the raw spirit of the track as well as the trio itself. Rabbit Holes are currently on a Midwest tour that will bring them to Madison, Chicago, and Milwaukee over the next few days, before they return home for a show at the Hexagon on May 3 along with Teenage Moods, Porno Mags, and Whatever Forever.

Chatham Rise - "Meadowsweet (Live on Radio K)"

Chatham Rise recently brought their textured modern shoegaze to the Radio K studios for an enthralling session, which featured this dynamic take on "Meadowsweet," which is (I believe) a new track from the band. Either way, it's a stellar song, which the quintet completely nails in the live session. Chatham Rise have a show scheduled at the Kitty Cat Klub on May 25 with Magic Castles, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, and Flavor Crystals, but chances are this captivating band will play another local show sometime between now and then which you should most assuredly attend and be won over by their sonic charms.

Sean Anonymous & DJ Name feat. Phillip Morris - "Sultan of Swat" from Dan Huiting on Vimeo.

Sean Anonymous & DJ Name ft. Phillip Morris - "Sultan of Swat"

The final offering from PBR's recent live video series shot at Hymie's is from Sean Anonymous, who gets the record shop hopping along with his trusty DJ Name and special guest Phillip Morris, the indie rapper who moved here from Chicago. The trio get live on this version of "Sultan of Swat," which was captured by Dan Huiting and his talented video crew. The trio perform in a small corner of Hymie's, surrounded by vinyl, which only adds to the infectious, old-school flow of the track itself.


Jeremy Messersmith - "Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn cover)/Ghost (Much Office Sessions)"

Jeremy Messersmith is currently bringing his glorious new album, Heart Murmurs, to all corners of the world, on a nonstop tour schedule that will bring him back to Europe in May. While on tour in Canada, Messersmith stopped by the Much Music studios for an intimate live session as part of their Much Office Sessions, where he played this lovely solo cover of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend," which has become a stunning highlight of his recent live shows. He also plays a full-band version of his current hit single, "Ghost," all within the desks and cubes of the Much Music office.

The Awful Truth - "Any Other Way"

Brent Colbert is a Salt Lake City singer/songwriter who fronts the Awful Truth. Colbert moved to Minneapolis last summer, and has reformed his group as a four-piece. The revamped lineup recorded a new song, "Any Other Way," which hasn't seen an official release yet, but gives fans an idea about the musical direction that Colbert and his new bandmates are taking. They also shot a performance clip for the spirited new track at the Homestead in Minneapolis, with Jeremiah Satterthwaite and Peter Michael Miller expertly capturing the video and audio. The Awful Truth landed a coveted opening slot for Angel Olsen at the Cedar on May 1.

Botzy - "Big Bang! (Guerilla Toss Remix)"

This new Botzy video is as wild as you would expect from the exuberant MC. He collaborated with Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss for this vibrant, clubby remix of "Big Bang!" The boisterous, neon-drenched video was directed by Erotes, who captures the bleary-eyed late-night party vibe of the track, as well as the propulsive energy released when you lose yourself to the groove. Botzy continues to be one of the most prolific musicians in the Twin Cities, and he just released a new mixtape collection called £¡bel, which you can listen to in its entirety here, as well as download for free.

Squares - "Vaso Vagal"

Minneapolis prog rock quartet Squares just released their new album, Three Theories, and enlisted local director Joseph McMahon to write, produce, and direct their new video for "Vaso Vagal." The unnerving clip takes viewers from a haunting Civil War operating room to an ominous countryside cult, all of which suits the menacing urgency of the dynamic track itself. Squares have an upcoming local show at the Hexagon on April 18 along with Narco States, the Persian Leaps, and Ghostmouth.

King Fuvi - "Medicinal Tofu (LAAB Session)"

Here's another offering from Season 7 of Adam J. Dunn's Lights and a Backdrop music video series. This time around, he's got local MC King Fuvi in a basement house-party setting, with the vibrant rapper delivering his vivid rhymes alone, as if waiting for the festivities to start. King Fuvi grows more animated as the clip goes on, diving headfirst into the dynamic spirit of the song as well as the track's towering beats.

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