Top 10 best Minnesota music videos of 2013 (so far)

Top 10 best Minnesota music videos of 2013 (so far)

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

As the year reaches its halfway point, Local Frames takes a look back at the most fantastic, innovative videos that have come our way in 2013. Since Gimme Noise started up the column last August, the depth, and diversity of the legions of music videos with local ties has been a visual panacea, and a testament to the talented musicians and imaginative filmmakers that we have working in Minnesota. But some were even grander by our high standards, so here are the ten best music videos of the first half of 2013. Enjoy!

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Trampled By Turtles - "Midnight On The Interstate"

It's a rare thing for a music video to get one all choked up, but this poignantly heartbreaking video for Duluth's Trampled By Turtles certainly churns up plenty of emotions within its evocative few minutes. The clip was directed and produced by the talented Stephanie Erlandson, and her crew of skilled animators perfectly capture the wistful nature of the track itself, while only adding to the song's fragile sentiments.

Enemy Planes - "We Want Blood"

This clip was directed by the renowned videographer Tobias Strech, who shot the video in Coney Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The devastation featured in the footage only highlights the damage done by the storm, and serves as a striking backdrop for the soaring "We Want Blood," from Enemy Planes. The local group formed after the dissolution of Pictures Of Then, and their strong debut, Beta Lowdown, helped spawn one of our most memorable videos of the year.

The Color Pharmacy - "Aperture"

This gorgeous clip for the Color Pharmacy's "Aperture" was directed and edited by Jake Dilley and Jimmy Morrison, who elegantly capture fall in the Twin Cities from distinctive angles while using camera tricks to provide you with a new perspective on familiar sights. The track is lifted from the band's lovely new self-titled album which they released back in March, and this striking video only enhances the genuine warmth of the song itself.

Tickle Torture - "Forgotten"

This sexy video for the funk-fueled "Forgotten," the new single from Tickle Torture, was directed by the renowned Josh Hegard, who captures the sultry spirit of the song with plenty of stylish, occasionally NSFW images -- it is a Tickle Torture video, after all. Elliott Kozel has now started to focus on Tickle Torture full-time after his old psych-rock outfit Sleeping in the Aviary officially called it quits, and surely he has plenty of other wild, dynamic artistic statements in store for us in the near future.

MaLLy & the Sundance Kid - "Winner"

The concept behind this video for MaLLy's "Winner" is a straightforward one, with the emerging rapper delivering his spirited rhymes against a plain backdrop. But what makes this clip, directed by Victor Rukavina, such a cool one is the litany of cameos from other artists and musicians from throughout the Twin Cities music scene. They all drop in to lend their support to MaLLy and the Sundance Kid, while also reinforcing the unifying message of the track itself, all of which makes the video all the more memorable in the process.


Prissy Clerks - "Blast Off Girls"

This playful, retro-tinged video for Prissy Clerks' "Blast Off Girls" was directed by Teenage Moods' Gordon Byrd, who filmed the clip at his place while a house party was erupting around him. That boundless energy and unbridled sense of fun permeates the entire clip, while also adding to the restless spirit of the track, which is an unquestionable jam from one of the best bands in the Twin Cities. Catch them live at our 10 Thousand Sounds Festival coming up on June 22.

On An On - "Every Song"

This ethereal clip for On An On's "Every Song" was directed by the talented local filmmakers Isaac Gale and Dan Huiting, who capture the dreamy quality of the track elegantly. The local trio is currently on the road supporting Junip for a few shows, leading up to a high-profile appearance at Bonnaroo, before returning home for a set at the Basilica Block Party on July 13.

Hardcore Crayons - "100,000 Happy Meals"

This clip for Hardcore Crayons "100,000 Happy Meals" is an epic one (ten minutes in length), but it tells the story of what happens when we get too greedy with the things that we cherish, while turning our backs on what is most important in our lives in the process. The cinematic clip was shot by Alexander Stevens and directed/edited by Hardcore Crayons bassist Dominic Hanft, and features plenty of recognizable locations and musicians from the Twin Cities scene (including Aby Wolf as a freaky Ronald McDonald), and comes together with a quote from The Fellowship Of The Ring at the end.

Greg Grease - "C.R.E.A.M. Dreams"

It's been a breakout year for the local MC, Greg Grease, and this infectious track and video certainly played a role in attracting a wider audience for the talented rapper (who also secured a high-profile spot at this year's Soundset festival). This throwback clip was directed by Mychal Fisher for SwayHeavy, and features plenty of familiar faces having some fun alongside the burgeoning MC, who just dropped a fresh new collection, Black King Cole EP, which you should all go pick up quick.

Pert Near Sandstone - "Ship of Fools"

This stunning clip for "Ship of Fools" was directed and animated by the talented Emily Fritze, and draws inspiration from an old Renaissance-era fable by Sebastian Brant and Hieronymus Bosch. The gorgeous video only enhances the sprightly spirit and timeless quality of the track itself, which the Minneapolis bluegrass quintet put out as the title-track to a 7-inch which they released earlier this year with a celebratory performance at First Avenue.

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