Top 10 awesome concerts of August

Top 10 awesome concerts of August

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August was sweltering, but we found the best way to beat the heat with concerts that were even hotter than it was outside. In some cases they were outside -- so just think about the thermometer-busting power. Anyhow, catch our picks for the 10 best concerts this month after the jump.

From Natalie Gallagher's Alabama Shakes review: "Attending the Alabama Shakes show last night was like willingly entering the eye of a hurricane. Songs were dizzying--just when you thought the guitar couldn't possibly be faster, the jam couldn't possibly be more ferocious, there went the band."

From Erik Thompson's Amadou & Mariam review: "Amadou quickly asked the audience (for the first of many times throughout the energetic performance), "Do you feel all right? We are really happy to be with you tonight." And Mariam chimed in with an accurate prediction, 'It's going to be hot in here tonight.'"  

Top 10 awesome concerts of August
Twin Shadow

From Erik Thompson's Twin Shadow review: "The chorus turned into such a unifying singalong that Lewis turned his microphone around to face the crowd who boisterously sang the second half of the number for him while he lost himself in the spirit of the song."

Rufus Wainwright Slideshow by Tony Nelson
From Youa Vang's Rufus Wainwright review: "As witty as he is endearing, the singer can easily charm a group of people -- whether it be a table full of friends for a dinner party or an audience full of fans".

From Abbie Gobeli's West Bank Music Festival review: "Closing the outdoors portion of the night, Astronautalis flashes his charismatic smile, 'Minneapolis, I fucking love you.'"

From Reed Fischer's Knotfest review: "Corey Taylor assured the crowd that this event 'is only the beginning.'"  

Top 10 awesome concerts of August
John Mark Nelson by Erik Hess

From Reed Fischer's John Mark Nelson review: "What's scary about this undeniably precocious young band Nelson has assembled is that they're already proficient with the material off Nelson's 89.3 The Current-thumped sophomore release Waiting and Waiting in a way that many players never achieve in a lifetime."

From Reed Fischer's Desaparecidos review: "Conor Oberst has gotten much stronger as a vocalist over the years, but he always had the passion to deliver punk with the aggression it deserves. More, please."

From Jack Spencer's Die Antwoord review: "Die Antwoord's cartoonish energy kept people dancing and cheering throughout, up through the dramatic exit (all members crouched on the stage in their orange hoodies as the lights went black), and into the encore of 'Enter The Ninja.'"

From Pat O'Brien's Archers of Loaf review: "Like all bands that eventually break up, we'll never have another Archers of Loaf and watching them exit the stage in the sweltering 400 Bar, likely never to return, was both melancholy and invigorating all at once."

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