Too Much Love seeks to slay you this V-Day (singles friendly!)

They say with every culture there's a counter-culture, and the same is true for holidays. Hanukkah got stuck with sacrilegious Santa B.S., fundamentalists spend Halloween praying for its revelers, and you've always got some hateration going on when Columbus Day and Fourth Of July hit.  So, for the LTR-sqeamish or people who just plain prefer not to buy in, most cities have anti (or at least skeptical) Valentine's gatherings. A good one this year will be at First Avenue for (in this case) the perfectly-titled "Too Much Love" party featuring blog-famous Soviet Panda and his wild friends.  Oh, yes, it's that kind of party. You can take your excess love and shove it. And while we're at it, F you, Beyonce. Happy singles don't need no ring on it. 
OK, are we amped yet? Juiced up on the camaraderie surrounding lonely number one? Alright, then. Ladies, leave the cats and box of tissues home this year and get your butts (thinner from passing on the waxy chocolate) out on that dancefloor -- where you know you won't have to witness any cheesy marriage proposals.
And you dudes out there salivating at the mere thought of an opportunity of this caliber (you know who you are)  -- be kind. Let 'em know the next morning they deserve better.

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