Too Much Love celebrates 5 years on Saturday

Too Much Love celebrates 5 years on Saturday
Photo by Dave Eckblad

It's hard to imagine a weekend at First Avenue without Too Much Love at this point. Soviet Panda has dedicated hundreds of Saturday nights to the young and the restless of Minneapolis since the event's incarnation in 2007.  That's five years, folks. And in dance night years, it's a lifetime.

Soviet Panda, a.k.a. Peter Lansky, says there might be a few little surprises up his sleeve to commemorate the occasion, but the night will take shape with the crowd and their energy. 

"The party is mostly about no gimmicks," Lansky says. "We care about music, dancing and drinking."

The music in this case will be provided by local techno wunderkind Dustin Zahn, whose productions have taken him all around the globe -- most recently to Berlin, where Lansky was visiting, and the two were able to hang out. 

"I'm always excited to hear Dustin play," Lansky says. "His sets really blow me away."

And celebrating to good weather would be an added plus: "I think the night will go well, though I hope it doesn't rain again, that has been hurting us these past couple weeks."

Looking back, Lansky says five years of TML has really been a huge learning experience, as the night was birthed from "a kind of musical consensus" about what was missing from Minneapolis clubs thanks to "the current mainstreaming of electronic music."

Owing a $1 admission for students, a good portion of the Twin Cities college-kid contingency owes many a night to Lansky and his featured DJs, which over the years have included LCD Sounsystem, Gigamesh, DVS1 and many other noteables. (The party, for the record, is sponsored by this very paper).

So, this Saturday, don your most colorful clubby ensemble, take a few pics in the Photobooth for us, and burn up the dancefloor in celebration of one of Minneapolis's defining nightlife events.

TOO MUCH LOVE with Soviet Panda & Dustin Zahn takes place on Saturday, May 5. Admission is $3/$1 with college I.D. 18+. 10 p.m.

Too Much Love celebrates 5 years on Saturday
Photo by Dave Eckblad

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