Tonight's to-do

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival continues tonight, with The World and A Tout De Suite. *New York five-piece the Bravery, who have been hailed "the next big thing" by Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, and umpteen others play at Whole Music Club. (Hint: If you're looking for this elusive "next big thing," it wears make-up, sounds a lot like New Order on Viagra, and is led by a guy who looks like a young Moz.)

*For the homebound, there's always protruding cheekbones, endless pop-culture references, and someone throwing punches (or punch bowls) to be found on the The O.C. Tonight's episode: Charity events! Ryan's Great Clips bowl cut! And hand holding! *Also on TV, Discovery Times airs a doc by NYT foreign-affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman, Does Europe Hate Us? Spoiler alert: The answer's yes.

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