Tonight: Wheels On Fire, Chooglin' at the Entry

Tonight: Wheels On Fire, Chooglin' at the Entry

Don't let the fact that Chooglin' and Pink Mink play out about every 72 hours these days keep you home tonight. Afterall, Athens, Ohio Wheels on Fire are returning to town to fill this local meat and potatoes rock and roll sandwich with a swift and swinging sound that is as good on a Tuesday as it would be on a drinky drink-fueled weekend evening. Or dare I say they may be even more anxious to explode your soul with a lo-fi garage rock bomb than heavy hitters, Black Keys who you couldn't get tickets to go see next door anyway.

Knowing full well the bass player never gets invited to the party, Wheels on Fire use their two guitars, farfisa, and drums to keep the groove rolling with a quick and easy, retro sound that turns on the greaser kids with fresh tattoos as much as the torn sweater, bong and lunch pale set.

While their name calls out their classic rock beginnings, their 60's jukebox sound permeates the crackle on a handful of recent 45rpm releases and their latest full length party bender, last year's "Get Famous."

Truthfully this whole bill is pretty flawless as all three bands, after much tearing it up so far this summer, are at the top of their game. And it's only June.

There's a good feeling in Minneapolis. Dancing the hot summer night of music away at First Ave and 7th Street it may be necessary and now possible to cool out and enjoy good times next door at First Avenue's new venture "The Depot" which will be opening it's doors tonight Thursday for a preview.

While rumors of a new women's bathroom in the Entry are true the one about the Black Keys moving their skinny little beardo butts over next door after their Mainroom set for a good old fashion workout of universal rock harmony collaboration with tonight's small stage have yet to manifest.

Just planting seeds...Just planting seeds.

Wheels On Fire, "Bad Lie"

Wheels On Fire, "Sara"

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