Tommy Stinson closing in on second solo record


Tommy Stinson is 43 years old. He's been playing music for 32 of those years. He's been in Guns 'N Roses for 12 years.  He's supposedly been working on material with Paul Westerberg for two-plus years (whether those fuck-arounds will see the light of day is dependent on so many globules of mercury that speculation is patently pointless). And now, coming off of a G'nR tour of South America, he is participating in a celebrity auction for Haiti and is working on finishing up his second solo record, currently in the mixing process.

Writing on his blog, Stinson shares:

I'm going to be doing an online fundraiser with some fabulous prizes (one of my GnR basses, a couple of retired plaid suits, and more) to help raise money for an organization called Timkatec, who have built and maintained trade schools for the poor and homeless kids in Haiti for over ten years. They need our help now more than ever since the earthquake. The people of Haiti will need our assistance in rebuilding their schools, hospitals, and cities for years to come, and this is just one small way to help. I hope all of you will join me in the effort.  I will be rewarding those that participate with a free download of the first track off of my upcoming solo record.Other mentionables -- I'm going to Memphis soon to record with Luther and Cody Dickinson for fun, and then I'm off to LA to mix some songs for my solo record.

Two Minnesota sons, one forgotten (what happened to Craig Kilborn anyways? Apparently a whole lot of nothing):