Tommy Stinson: A YouTube retrospective


Over here at Gimme Noise, we're pretty excited about Tommy Stinson's return to First Ave this Friday--and not just because we had the chance to talk to him about it in the print version of today's City Pages. Why all the excitement then? Because it gives us an excuse to kill some time on YouTube, duh!

Check out some of our favorite clips below the break.

[jump] From all the way back in 1981, here's a two-fer of the 'Mats on what looks like a relatively sober night at the 7th St. Entry. Tommy's so young in this one that he's wearing a bowl cut.

A few years later and the boys are playing a soundcheck in New Jersey on the Tim tour. The sound is a little off but we'll take it anyway. (We'll take the hair, too, which seems to have exploded for everyone save Bob.)

Is it just us, or does that tire look fine to you? An oddball and a classic.

Tommy doesn't make an appearance in this one, granted, but then neither does Paul, nor anyone else. And that's the point. Always a favorite.

This interview pretty much speaks for itself. Here's hoping that Tommy has, at long last, matured a little bit.

Post-'Mats and Tommy is on David Letterman with Bash & Pop. Note that while Kathy Lee makes an appearance, it's not as awkward as, say, interviewing the Ramones.

Tommy on Bash & Pop, with clips of the "Loose Ends" video tossed in.

Craig Kilborne, we hardly knew ye.

Tommy's been holding down bass duties with Guns 'N Roses for over a dozen years now. Here he is taking vocals for a Dead Boys cover a couple years back.

This one's brand-spanking new. Tommy did some solo acoustic gigs back in the winter; here he is playing "Friday Night is Killing Me" in Philly. A preview of things to come?