Tom Petty tribute/benefit at the Turf tonight might just get you through this hellish week

Tom Petty would've wanted you to have a good time tonight.

Tom Petty would've wanted you to have a good time tonight. Associated Press

Look, the past few days have been awful.

We woke up to news of a horrific mass murder at a Las Vegas music festival on Monday. Our idiot president is lobbing paper towels at survivors of a natural disaster and telling them they should be “very proud” they didn’t die in a “real catastrophe.”

In this context, the death of a beloved rock and roller might seem like a small thing. Or maybe hearing the news about Tom Petty was what finally made your stoic defenses crumble and got the tears flowing. Either way, you need to close all your tabs, get the hell out of your house, and hear some music.

Good thing that tonight at the Turf Club, All Tomorrow’s Petty will be throwing a wake for their namesake. The band is JT Bates, James Diers, Jacob Hanson, Rob Skoro, “and whoever else shows up,” and tonight that “whoever else” will include Aby Wolf, Frankie Lee, Al Church, Haley, David Huckfelt, Savannah Smith, Erik Koskinen, John Munson, and Neal Perbix, at the very least.

Also, the show is a benefit for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief and Everytown for Gun Safety.

We’ll worry about Thursday when it gets here I guess.

All Tomorrow's Petty
Where: Turf Club
When: 7 p.m. Wed. Oct. 4
Tickets: $10; more info here