Tom Morello playing a free show at the Electric Fetus


Tom Morello photo by Stacy Schwartz.

Head over to the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis at 6 p.m. today for a free in-store performance and signing by Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, who is currently touring under his solo moniker The Nightwatchman. Here's an excerpt from our print edition about Morello, who is also playing the Fine Line later tonight:

For a Harvard chap, Tom Morello certainly offers plenty of plebian dissent. The Ivy Leaguer's accolades are nearly too numerous to mention, and he's certainly one of the few rock guitarists to carry as much political notoriety as musical fame. Rage Against the Machine shouldn't waste too much precious ink or paper—their impact upon an impressionable youth, both musically and culturally, is as extensively documented as Sarah Palin's campaign spending. What merits the most pertinent attention is Morello's acoustic turn as the Nightwatchman. Gone is the emulated turntablism that Morello eked out of his six-string in Rage, forgotten are the thudding power chords that padded his treasury in Audioslave. What remains is something much more naked and intellectually invasive. For all of Rage's romping and stomping, it's Morello on a beat-up Epiphone that makes his diatribes all the more percussive and real. With Boots Riley of the Coup. -- David Hansen

The Electric Fetus gig is open to the public and all ages. Tonight's Fine Line show is 18+, $25, and doors are at 7 p.m.