Toki Wright channels Chuck D on 'Arizona' remake


The Arizona immigration bill passed last Friday has galvanized our entire country, from the President on down, with cities everywhere passing economic boycotts and official travel bans, every op-ed page in fury or assent, every Republican left shrugging in confusion, Shakira on an airplane, and federal action being debated in both branches of Congress (that debate not happening is the reason Arizona's hawkish representatives passed the bill in the first place, by the way).

It also now has a (re-conceived) theme song.

Rhymesayers rapper and busy activist Toki Wright re-recorded Public Enemy's "By The Time I Get To Arizona" immediately after researching Arizona's divisive law. Originally directed at the Arizona politicians who opposed making Martin Luther King Day a national holiday, now it's sung in solidarity with America's immigrants, whose situations so rarely get discussed and understood, and with an admirably faithful Chuck delivery that Wright took a fair amount of time perfecting. "I had to go back in line by line," he says. The "process included going in and listening to Chuck, trying to match 
his scheme, and recording my version. Wash, rinse, repeat."

Sounds like Toki and Chris Coleman need to have a pow wow and just hammer this damn thing out.

mp3: Toki Wright, "By The Time I Get to Arizona Redux"