Toki Wright at Minnehaha Park tonight

Toki Wright released an album over a year ago called
A Different Mirror, and his touring support for the record is still in high-gear. Tonight marks a big bash for him and urban music at an Institute of Production and Recording (IPR)-sanctioned concert at Minnehaha Park where he will play alongside Midwest Konnect, School of Rock, and R.A.

Wright is of course a mainstay in the Twin Cities activist and hip-hop scene, and his presence on


has garnered him critical acclaim. His partners for the night are just as accomplished in their own rights- among them, F.A. is a member of Student Run Records (which spun out of a class at IPR) and was chosen as the 2008 Liberian Artist of the Year. The Paul Green School of Rock is also in attendance, nationally known for training kids in the fundamentals of music- think of the Jack Black movie.

Nothing better than celebrating a genre of music which has defined this city especially in the past decade. It's tonight from 6-9PM and free at Minnehaha's bandstand. And since food in any capacity on warm summer nights in the park is always a good thing, IPR is providing complimentary water, granola bars, and Chipotle guac and chips.

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