To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie mutates into Father You See Queen

It's inarguably creeptastic getting your local music news from Facebook -- from someone you're not friends with, no less. But that's what we did!

Yes, apparently the ambient glass-scrape-and-primrose collective of To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie have wet their last noodle. And while the Cities may be down one avant, we're also up one, too.

Father You See Queen seems to be comprised of Mark McGee, Nicole "Mona" Tollefson, Leisure Birds' Nick Ryan, and Totally Gross National Producer Drew Christopherson - at least, and for now. 

We could go on, but let's let them do that. Below are their two songs, cribbed from their blog where they just might post cryptically and just might post usefully.

Teratoma by fatheryouseequeen

We Give And Give and You Take and Take and Take and Take by fatheryouseequeen

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