Tittsworth, Nadastrom play FREE Scion show tonight (INTERVIEW!)


Dancefloor deviants, start stretching those legs. Drink your milk throughout the day and make sure to get in a nap because the 7th Street Entry is about to put your super-cool moves to the test.  Featuring some of the best mashup/hip-hop/bloghouse/kitchensink DJs today Minneapolis welcomes Tittsworth, Nadastrom (feat. Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom), DJ Ayres, and DJ Haul --- all for FREE tonight in the Entry. All you have to do is RSVP to the Scion address on the flyer (not too late, mind you).  

We caught up with DC native party-rocker Tittsworth -- easily among of our top 5 DJs right now -- as he was getting ready to leave for Minneapolis for the first time. 

Gimme Noise: Many people aren't aware that Tittsworth is actually your last name. How was that growing up? Tell us a funny story because we like funny stories. 

Tittsworth: One time at this party "Krunk" I used to throw in Maryland, these two chicks showed up asking for Tittsworth. After not believing I was who I said, I produced I.D. like I do at least once every couple weeks or so. The best part is they STILL didn't believe me, even after a drivers license, bartender recognition AND 2 credit cards. Come to find out that one of them slept with somebody who claimed they were me! Most of the time people think I'm a Girls Gone Wild DJ or think it's some corny chauvinist shit.. having an imposter that is sleeping with groupies is not normal for me (can't tell if that's good or bad though?). 

Gimme Noise: You're a great DJ, we saw you tour with Klever on the Titts and Kleavage jaunt. What was the best two minutes of a DJ gig you've ever had? Just two minutes. 


I can tell you the best two minutes of Klever! It involves afterhours stage diving, public defication and urine. Hmmm, murdering Taiwan was a pretty big deal to me... slammed hundred of kids at this rooftop spot in Taipei in front of my mom, her sister, my aunt, my cousin, etc. That was the first and only time anyone in my family (outside of my brother) has seen me DJ, and in their home city no less. Rocking the mic in Chinese and introducing dukes was a real trip! 

Gimme Noise: What city can claim you now and where do you think you'll go next? What's something unique about where you live now? 

I'm in Salt Lake City as I type this and it ain't hard to tell that my three-coat wearin' ass ain't from here! This is round two of the Scion Tour featuring DJ Haul, Ayres, Nadastrom and myself. It's been absolutely bananas and I feel really sorry for house cleaning (at least we tip)! Today we're off to Minneapolis, and it's actually my first time there! With so many friends around the way, I can't wait to kill it with the crew (Canada Goose in hand). Right now I live in Alexandria, Virginia. It's about 5 minutes from Reagan National Airport and 10 minutes from the city. I can make all the noise I can dream of, only with the occasional roach to complain. I am in the middle of several neighborhoods-- Vietnamese (Eden Center), Annandale (Korea Town), several Latin communities and 5 minutes from Old Town Alexandria (jiggy, kinda like Nova's Georgetown). Keepin it diverse w/ tons of cheap eats! 

Gimme Noise: What's the best thing you've remixed lately and why do you like it? 

I'm working on an original right now and Q-Tip has agreed to rap on it. My newest single featuring Nina Sky and Pitbull is about to drop, featuring remixes by Stretch Armstrong, Nadastrom, AC Slater and Rico Tubbs! 

Gimme Noise: Definitely cop-able. Any plans for a new album in the works? Hype us to a new/latest project. 

Half way thru the follow up and Q-trip is feeling the newest additional real tough, which I'm really excited about! I'm also opening a dance DJ and live venue in DC with my friend and recent Plant signee Will Eastman. Also involved in management and direction is Brian Miller (responsible for some of DC's slickest venues) and the ESL Group (a la Thievery Corproation). We expect to open late winter (early 2010). It'll be nice to put a lot of my traveling and local experiences into something that we can all be proud of!