Tinted Windows announce their spring debut


All growns up-- Hanson (we're pretty sure Taylor is the one on the right).

It's a scheme dreamed up in Lester Bangs' worst Robotrips-- secondary members of multi-million selling bands that helped define the 1990s as a stagnant cistern of alternative rock have forged an unholy pact to drag their tepid tootling into the current, beleaguered generation.

That's right-- Taylor Hanson (of Hanson) and James Iha (of Smashing Pumpkins) have formed a band, dimly titled Tinted Windows, and have announced the April 21 release of their debut record through an S-Curve Records press release.

Look-- if Hanson and Iha want to drag another platinum trinket into this bronze age, that's their business. But prying Cheap Trick out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to take part in this burlesque? Legendary Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, who, presumably, had plenty of time for the dynamic duo, has signed on. Bun, in Tinted Windows' press release: "I'm honored to be a part of Tinted Windows."

Elevating this hodge podge is Adam Schlesinger, the influential and long-lived bassist behind the elfin, emotive, unfortunately titled power pop band Fountains of Wayne. He's shrewd, in-touch, and industrious, not only keeping Fountains active long past the usual shelf life for the genre, but producing work by Motion City Sound Track, Verve Pipe, and Fastball.

While Smashing Pumpkins lies in the driveway stewing in their own pulp and seeds, Hanson have, believe it or not, remained an active and shockingly listenable force into the 21st century, scoring production help from Andrew W. K. and Twin Cities' own Har Mar Superstar on a smattering of albums over the last few years.

Steve Greenberg, the CEO of Tinted Windows' record label S-Curve, can barely keep his pants on about the new project. "When we first heard about Tinted Windows, we were intrigued by the lineup," he said delicately in a press release. "But when we heard the music, we were absolutely blown away."

Time will tell (Tinted Windows' myspace page has launched in an odd beta form, lacking any listenable music or even a profile picture). If they stay true to their cited influences (the Buzzcocks, The Knack, and Cheap Trick), who knows? It could be a sucker punch turnaround of Travolta-esque proportions.