Timefog featured on front page of Beatport.com

Techno has enjoyed a long life in Minneapolis, and the nerve center of dance music culture on the Internet gave a nod to that feat this week. On Thursday, Beatport.com featured on their homepage the new releases on local techno label Timefog, and co-founder Mike Gervais a.k.a. MGervais a.k.a. Mike G. (clearly a man with too many a.k.a.s) joked with us that it's "no big deal."

We'd argue that it certainly is a stand-out notch in the insular scene's bed post sealed by gatekeeper and recent world traveler DVS1, whose top-notch output is sending him to Berlin in less than a month.

The music is complex without being evasive and at times is downright ambient (which we loved -- try "Arrival" without the break). Listen or buy here, and support your local DJ.

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