Time to dust off that Jungian blank-verse musical

Time to dust off that Jungian blank-verse musical

class=img_thumbleft> The Minnesota Fringe Festival is taking applications for shows through Tuesday, January 31, at 6:00 p.m. sharp. Prospective producers have to get the form physically into the office by then, and forms postmarked before the drop-dead date but arriving after it will be burned for fuel in the Fringe's vast late-application-powered energy plant (all true except for the last part). Forms can be downloaded at

the Fringe's web site

, and the subsequent lottery will take place on February 6, with shows randomly drawn via proxy ping-pong balls. Those prone to artistic indecision needn't fret: show titles and descriptions can be changed after applications are received. So if you're putting the finishing touches on your Marxist tapdancing erotic parlor mystery, act sooner rather than later.

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