Tim Pawlenty loves Gaga, Springsteen, says conservatives don't offer up much in the music world


Tim Pawlenty took a break from campaigning for his GOP presidential candidacy in Ames, Iowa, yesterday to answer some "fun" questions from pop culture-heavy political site Gliterazzi. After answering a question about his favorite music artist of all time (Bruce Springsteen) and his nickname T-Paw, Pawlenty took over the interview to get the young bloggers riffing on Lady Gaga.

[jump] "Well you know, in terms of the beat, I like 'Bad Romance,'" Pawlenty said. "I gotta say, even though she's a little unusual, 'Born this Way' has some appeal. She's actually very talented... Interesting, talented, a little weird," he smiled.

When one of the bloggers called Gaga "strange," Pawlenty replied with what might be the most likeable thing that's every come out of his mouth: "If you had to limit your artistic choices to just conservatives, we wouldn't have a lot of choices," he said. "You've gotta be able to tolerate different politics."