Tim Mahoney releases diss track against Adam Levine


Area pop singer/songwriter Tim Mahoney, who calls himself the "King Of Almost" and whose main claim to fame was being mistaken for a girl by Adam Levine on the NBC reality show The Voice, has written a diss track, jokingly voicing his beef with the Maroon 5 crooner.  "Hey Adam Levine," a song Mahoney wrote about the experience of being on the show and being eliminated from his team by Adam Levine, was posted on soundcloud three days ago. Here's the chorus, in which Mahoney pins Levine to the wall with lyrical daggers:

[jump] Hey Adam Levine,

you thought I was a chick,
Guess what, I have a di**   (OH SNAP!)
Cee Lo said I was unique

OK, so it's not Jay Z/Nas level stuff...yet. In fact, the song is upbeat and seems like a mostly jovial take on the experience. However, we'd still like to believe, for fun, that it's on! 

No word yet on whether or not Adam Levine has begun work on his rebuttal track, but rest assured, we're hoping as much as you are that he rhymes "Mahoney" with "Bologna" at least once. Apparently Tim Mahoney is hoping too, since toward the end of the song he shamelessly requests for Levine to write a song back:

Hey Adam Levine,
You thought I was a chick,
You know it'd be totally sick,
If you would sing a song about me.

Needless to say, we'll keep you abreast of the situation and update accordingly.  Here's the SoundCloud of the track.

Hey Adam Levine by Tim Mahoney almost finished mix by Michael J Media

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