Tim Mahoney advances to the next round on NBC's 'The Voice'

Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Tim Mahoney won over a significant new fan last night: Adam Levine of Maroon 5, who selected Mahoney as one of the contestants that will be given a chance to compete on the new NBC show The Voice.

For his audition (which apparently occurs with the judges' backs to the singers so they can make a "blind" judgment), Mahoney performed a cover of Sam Cooke's "Bring it on Home to Me." His take on the song impressed Levine so quickly that he expressed his approval within the first few bars of the song.

"Don't be insulted by this -- I thought you were a chick," Levine blurted out when Mahoney finished the song. "I thought you were going to be a girl when I turned around, and I've heard that about my voice a lot. Clearly, you are not a woman. I need a women for my team, and sadly you have a penis. Which is cool! But to tell you the truth, there's something about your voice, especially because it's very unique. Because you are, in fact, a dude, and I think that's awesome."


We'll be keeping an eye on Mahoney in the coming weeks, as he will be receiving coaching from Levine and then go on to compete against the other performers on the show. The winner will ultimately receive a recording contract and a prize of $100,000.

"When Adam's chair turned around as fast as it did, my adrenaline was through the roof, and I had to remember where I was in the song," Mahoney said in a statement. "You just never know how things are going to turn out in the music business, but at that very moment my entire career to this point flashed before my eyes."

Watch Tim's appearance on the first episode below.

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