Tim Kaine, 50-something man from St. Paul, is obviously a Replacements fan


We're learning a lot about Tim Kaine in the days after Hillary Clinton tabbed him as her presidential running mate. He's served as governor, senator, and national party chair; he's got a weird/viral eyebrow; he's in a hot roots-folk combination -- the Jugbusters!

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the moderate, mild-mannered VP candidate is his love for Minneapolis rock heroes the Replacements. That's right: Like 86 percent of 50-something, Twin Cities-born men, Kaine, who was born in St. Paul, is a 'Mats fan. 

During a recent radio interview with Richmond, Virginia-based DJ Chris Bopst, Kaine called Let It Be, the 1984 Replacements magnum opus, his favorite album and the 'Mats one of his favorite bands. The WCLM host had just played a Bob Dylan track, which spurred a conversation about music with the Virginia senator.

“It was very real,” Bopst tells Pitchfork of the exchange. “It was not calculated at all. [Kaine] was surprised because he was calling a soul radio station, so when I said Dylan and the Replacements, he was like, ‘Really?’ He didn’t have advance time to plan it out -- it just came up. He wasn’t pandering.” 

Replacements biographer Bob Mehr was quick to point out the historical and political implications: 

So, was 1985's Tim written about Kaine, then a freshly graduated Harvard Law School product? Paul Westerberg was unavailable for comment.