Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job live at Pantages this January

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job live at Pantages this January

Tim and Eric-- original kings of comedy.

Yes, the second wave pioneers of deliberately abrasive, low-fi television programming have announced that their live tour, which will reportedly feature walk-ons by Jeff Goldblum, Fred Willard, and notable b-listers who have plenty of time and are happy for the work, will be launching from our very own Pantages Theatre this January. 

The show, which has made a name for itself with its shoestring production values, deadpan anti-humor, and inexplicable video bits that loop into Avant-garde extremes has been making erudite hipsters frown, then smirk, then glance about the room nervously, then erupt into laughter ever since its 2007 debut on adult swim.

Nevermind that Wonder Showzen did it first, and better, and all without the Adult Swim seal to stand on. This deadpan duo is taking their unique brand of slapstick and abortion jokes to our haughtiest concert hall. In an age of YouTube and reruns, going live takes commendable panache and pluck, particularly when the act in question is as unpredictable and flippant as this.

Tickets are available through the Hennepin Theatre District

Thursday January 22. Pantages Theatre. 7:30 P.M. $26.50. On sale now.

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