Ticketmaster and Walmart join forces to make your life even more convenient


Know what'd be really convenient? Like really, really convenient? If everything in our lives was completely automated and available from one giant place. Need your oil changed? Walmart! Need Fig Newtons? Walmart! Need Lady Gaga tickets? Walma-- wait, what?

In a deal announced today, corporate conglomerate Ticketmaster (which is owned by Live Nation) will start setting up kiosks in Walmart stores, offering shoppers a one-stop point-and-click shop where they can purchase tickets to all their favorite sporting, theater, and music events.

[jump] "By integrating ticketing into Walmart stores, we are able to offer fans this very convenient way to learn about upcoming events, purchase and take home tickets without leaving their neighborhood," says Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard. "In addition, Ticketmaster will continue to work closely with our clients to create exclusive high value offers for Walmart customers."

The kiosks are being tested out in New Jersey, where they are bringing Ticketmaster to 26 Walmart stores. 

Now if they can just figure out how to bring the concerts themselves to Walmart, we'll never have to bother with this whole walking thing again.

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