Three For All

SCORE ONE FOR El Niño: When quality local music rains, it pours. Several notable CD-release fetes are going on this weekend. At the top of the heap is a party thrown by February, who on Saturday proudly unveil their finest recorded moment, Tomorrow is Today, on Chicago's Carrot Top label. Shirking the pesky "dream-pop" label they've been saddled with, hopefully forever, the Febs stray all over the post-ambient rock map, from the introductory siren loops to "Pulse," the exquisite and organic drum'n'bass cut near album's end. The release party is being held at the classy Music Box Theater (1407 Nicollet Ave.), a "new" venue in the place of the old Cricket Theatre that's been booking the odd rock show. Slug and Spawn from Atmosphere supply the warm-up rhymes ($7; 7 p.m.; call 871-1414).


On Saturday at the Fine Line, Willie Wisely ushers in Turbosherbet, his second solo disc in less than a year. Last year's She was a loop and sample-centric pop masterwork with weird studio quirks woven throughout. Turbosherbet showcases that weirdness. Yet, the songwriting is still Willie's strong suit. Hard-rockers The Found and songwriter Bec Smith open ($6; 9 p.m.; call 338-8181).

On Thursday there's a double-release bash at the 7th Street Entry for two discs on the all-satiating Gourmandizer label. The guests of honor are Deformo, who display a cracked imagination on their jagged new EP The Queen Bazaar, and The Shepherd Kings, whose aptly titled anthology Rome Wasn't Built documents several years of atonal rock experimentation done in glorious ignominy. The fringe benefit here is the co-billed Sportsguitar--possibly Switzerland's sickest and sweetest (not to mention only) underachieving Pavement sweepers ($5; 9 p.m.; call 338-8388).

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