This week's mix? Pure trash.

Squidward and his admirers.

Squidward and his admirers. Clockwise from left: Courtesy of Nickelodeon/Star Tribune/Charlotte Patmore

Trash dick, trash talk, feeling like trash—the (accidental) theme of this week’s Monday Mix is trash.

CupcakKe – “Squidward Nose”

The chorus may promise to hop on the titular toon schnoz instead of making do with what you got down there, but because CupcakKe loves touting her prowess more than dragging your insufficiency, soon enough she’s out-hyperbolizing her sex antics—trapping you in her “pothole pussy,” batting your balls like Serena, bragging “I black out on that dick but my cum is Caucasian.” But let’s be clear about this: She is not in favor of small penises.

Kate Nash – “Trash”

You can’t ask for a finer tragicomic metaphor about being hung up on some worthless dude while the planet dies ever faster around you than “Impure toxic devotion/Runs through me like a river to a plastic ocean,” especially with Nash’s unflappably pert delivery applying a clever polish to its rue. This week’s token non-rap track pulls out all the ’90s alt-pop tricks: stripped down low-end on the verse, vocal upflip midway through like she’s half-remembering the melody to “Closing Time,” and a shouty chorus where she IDs as “trash” herself, a great rock and roll tradition that stretches from the New York Dolls to Death Grips. Uh, Kate, how you call your loverboy?

Leikeli47 – “Tic Boom”

A standout track on this masked Brooklyn rapper’s killer November ’18 album Acrylic, boosted and playlist-ready thanks to a new video. Her dancehall-indebted beat slams so hard can afford to be soft-spoken; the sharp pidgin boasts about tossing designer duds on the floor and ramming through the room like a bulldozer thunder with the confidence of a woman who doesn’t have to shout. She’ll be at Amsterdam at St. Paul on March 21 . So will I.

Dreezy – “RIP Aretha”

The kind of track that almost makes me not care if this raw Chicago rapper will ever go pop again like she did with her killer 2016 hit “Body.” “In y’all wallet like Lemony Snicket” and stuntin’ like Evel Knievel, bragging that her “lil titties” don’t need a bra, she’s not mourning the Queen of Soul, just dropping Ms. Franklin’s name ‘cause it’s the same as a dead non-president’s, the one on the $100 dollar bill, no disrespect intended.

Mustard ft. Migos – “Pure Water”

The flow (flows, really) that earned their cred remain, and stamina’s never been a concern, but Migos come up short on the speciality vocal hooks that usually leave us bad bitches chanting along. So this is Mustard’s show, stolen with a vocal-like electronic effect that triangulates between a demented yodel, a muezzin’s cry, and a banshee wail.

City Girls ft. Cardi B – “Twerk”

We have reached peak ass.

Every week, City Pages music editor Keith Harris scours the vast musicscape for six worthy tracks to include in the Monday Mix, and to add to this 2019 playlist.