This week's best concerts: July 29-Aug. 1

Tame Impala will be at Surly Brewing Festival Field on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tame Impala will be at Surly Brewing Festival Field on Tuesday and Wednesday. Matt Sav

Have you checked out some live music this July? If not this is your last week to do it.

Monday 7.29

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Tuesday 7.30

Tame Impala @ Surly Brewing Festival Field
The blurriest band currently headlining festivals, Tame Impala have invented their own style of ambient dance music, led rhythmically by the bass guitar but texturally defined by the dozens of watery synthesizers that sweep over the beat in waves, obscuring concrete details and edges in a nebulous swirl of electric sound. Kevin Parker’s voice is also a synthesizer, although the guitars remain guitars sometimes. With Velvet Negroni. Also Wednesday. 18+. 4:30 p.m. $55. 520 Malcolm Ave. SE. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

Aaron Hedenstrom Orchestra @ Jazz Central
Hedenstrom came out of a top-notch jazz program (the University of North Texas and its prestigious One O’Clock Lab Band), was one of the four founders of the Twin Cities Jazz Composers Workshop, and has recordings of original compositions out for both his small ensembles and his 17-piece orchestra. This will be the big group’s second gig in three nights, and Hedenstrom’s creamy, gently buoyant material should suit the intimate basement setting. 8:30 p.m. $10, $5 for students. 407 Central Ave. SE, Minneapolis. More info here.—Britt Robson

21 Savage @ Myth
Even before targeting by government thugs and the threat of indefinite detention revealed that this Atlanta MC had an even more interesting backstory than it may ever be legally advisable for him to fully tell, 21’s tough guy stance felt more nuanced than most. On his most recent album, I Am > I Was, is cold drawl gives him the guarded air of a man who chooses his words wisely rather than just spewing belligerent cliché to keep you at a distance, and if turns of phrase like “she tighter than a grill plier” (uh, ouch?) don’t do it for you, the masterful ease with which he switches up flows gives his rhymes the stickiness of pop with none of its gloss. Maybe he’s not immune to romanticizing the life he left behind but he sounds genuinely grateful for what, at the time of this recording, seemed like his happy ending: “ I get paid to rap on beats.” With Calboy and Young Nudy. All ages.8 p.m. $45-$129. 3090 Southlawn Dr, Maplewood. More info here.—Keith Harris

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Wednesday 7.31

Gin Blossoms @ Varsity Theater
On last year’s Don Dixon-produced Mixed Reality, their sixth album, the long-running, intermittently productive Arizona jangle-rockers haven’t changed: As always, their tightly wound, radiantly fuzzy riffs coax pathos from Robin Wilson’s choked, manful groan. If you’ve ever wanted to scream “Hey Jealousy” in a big crowd of people, here’s your chance. With the Black Moods. 18+. 7 p.m. $30. 1308 Fourth St. SE. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

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Thursday 8.1

Saves the Day, Joyce Manor @ Cedar Cultural Center
New Jersey emo yowlers Saves the Day have been making upbeat melodic punk records consistently for two decades, with last year’s concise, vigorous 9 functioning as an unofficial twentieth anniversary celebration. California emo bellowers Joyce Manor belong to the same tradition, although the way their riffs clomp and gleam is their own. This double-booked show represents the meeting of two musical generations. With awakebutstillinbed. 6:30 p.m. $22/$27. 416 Cedar Ave. S. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

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