This viral Bon Iver parody uses Alex Jones rants as lyrics [VIDEO]


Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon chompin' on a Grammy in 2012; Alex Jones ranting conspiracies on his "Info Wars" program AP; screen-grab

As the world careens wildly toward apocalypse and we glide smoothly into the weekend, some late Friday entertainment. 

Alex Jones -- alt-right doomsayer who believes fluoride-enriched water amounts to government mind control -- and Bon Iver -- indie-folk crooner who believes in glyphtastic song titling -- have finally synergized. 

Distributed by website Super Deluxe, Nick Lutsko's viral "Jones Iver" parody song has racked up 500,000-plus views since debuting today. You can download it for free, or just watch the video below.

It's required viewing, you literal vampire pot-belly goblins.  

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