This Interview With Nallo Took a Turn for the Bizarre

Nallo | Hexagon Bar | Friday, November 4
Minneapolis psychedelic garage rock band Nallo have just released their latest album, Breather. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hollow Boys frontman Ali Jafaar at his Ecstattic Studio, the record expands the band's sonic capabilities. It feels just as great as it sounds.

In the style of an anonymous Dateline interview -- no one knows why they did it -- the band answered some of our pressing questions before their album release show at the Hexagon on Friday night.

Gimme Noise: The band has progressed and evolved quite a bit since forming. What do you feel has been the biggest change for you?
The new album has this gritty, analog sound to it. Was this the goal? How did you go about achieving the sound?

The music touches on so many genres. How did you eventually narrow it down to represent the aesthetic?

What is it about "Isla Vista" that you connect to?

You directed me to "Isla Vista" for a first listen, but I really connected with "Breather." From the first riff, it packs quite a punch. Can you tell me the story behind that track?

We can't always predict what direction we are headed, but where do you see the band in five years? Do you want to still be making this music?

What are you excited to share at the album release show?

Here is the aforementioned Nallo video for "Breather":

Nallo will release Breather at the Hexagon Bar on Friday, November 14, 2014 with Mrs., Wolf Mountain, and Good Colonels.
21+, Free, 10 pm


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