This elite Twins prospect moonlights as a passable rapper

Nick Gordon the ballplayer, left, and Nick Gordon the rapper

Nick Gordon the ballplayer, left, and Nick Gordon the rapper Aaron Lavinsky/YouTube

Nick Gordon is very, very good at baseball. The Minnesota Twins' first-round pick from 2014 is the 80th best prospect in the world, one who possesses "an innate ability to make consistent contact" and "can do everything relatively well," according to

Know what else the 22-year-old infielder for the Class AA Chattanooga Lookouts can do? Rap, as it turns out. Last month, Gordon dropped his debut EP, I Do It All, under his hip-hop name G Cinco. Here's the music video for lead single "I'm the Man," a title/premise rock band the Killers recently abbreviated with "The Man"

All right, first issue: Bro, you're wearing Detroit Tigers gear? Not cool. Beyond that, we hear Cinco's sing-songy flow detailing the traits that make him the titular "Man" -- mostly success with cars, clothes, women. 

Sample lyrics: "I can't help that I ball 'til I fall / Hit the mall, pop tags 'til the mall close / I can't lose, because I'm used to winning / I keep the crew with me to the finish."

So ... Kendrick, he ain't. But "The Man" is catchy enough (baseball pun?), plus it simplifies Gordon's eventual decision on a walk-up song. G Cinco surely won't meet the ignominy that Troy Hudson did as T-Hud; the former Timerwolf was named one of the 10 Worst Rappers in NBA History by Rolling Stone. You can hear I Do It All now on Spotify and Apple Music. 

And you can expect to see Gordon's athletic skills on display sometime this season at Target Field. If he's anywhere near as good as his brother -- .300-hitting, base-stealing machine Dee Gordon of the Seattle Mariners -- we'll forgive any swings and misses from behind the mic.