'This Day in Bob Dylan' iPad/iPhone app released

If you ever find yourself thinking, 'I wonder what Bob Dylan was up to on this date in 1972,' then software creators This Day In Music Apps definitely have the product for you. They have just put together a 'This Day In Bob Dylan' iPad/iPhone app which documents famous events from the musicians storied career throughout a 366-day calendar, while also featuring extensive song notes and random bits of Dylan-related trivia and quiz questions.

The informative and enjoyable app is available for download through the iTunes store for $2.99, and should provide endless hours of entertainment for any Dylan fan, both young and old. Each day throughout the year is filled with Dylan's recording session information, celebrated gigs, album releases, and other key events in his life. The app also features more than 200 little-known items of trivia about Bob's musical career, as well as over 200 tricky quiz questions that could trip up even the most dedicated Dylan enthusiast.

But the real gem of the app is the exhaustive, enlightening song notes featured for the first 12 of Dylan's studio albums. Each number is examined for both lyrical and cultural significance, as well as any other interesting facts gathered about the recording sessions for the song or the awards any of the tracks or albums received. It's a great way to dig deeper into the meaning and magnitude of a song while you listen along to the Dylan tracks you already have in your iTunes library.

The app also features an extensive set list library, so fans can relive Dylan shows they have witnessed in the past. There are also compelling pictures of Dylan featured on nearly every page as you get further into the app, and free wallpaper available for download, as well as
links to Dylan's official sites where his music and other memorabilia can be purchased directly.

This Day In Dylan is a wonderful resource for both new and dedicated enthusiasts of the iconic musician, giving fans of all ages useful and revealing Dylan facts and information at their fingertips, which will only assist them in further appreciating the groundbreaking music and the legendary career of the man himself

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