Thieves snatch $33k worth of gear from local band Cold Kingdom

Cold Kingdom

Cold Kingdom

Local band Cold Kingdom awoke Friday to very un-rock 'n' news. A trailer belonging to the Twin Cities metal group had been stolen, a loss amounting to roughly $33,000 worth of gear and merchandise. 

Parked near the intersection of Xerxes Avenue and 34th Avenue North in Minneapolis, the trailer was attached to Cold Kingdom's van, but thieves cut a padlock and drove off with the trailer and gear, the band tells KARE 11. The heist went down between 2:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. Friday. A large drum kit and various mech – sweatshirts, T-shirts, CDs, etc. – are among the key losses. 

"It makes it difficult when everything is taken out from under your feet," guitarist Zac Boyd tells KARE. "We've put every ounce of ourselves into it and things were finally starting to pick up." 

Cold Kingdom established a GoFundMe campaign to recoup the loss of the stolen gear. Should they recover the trailer and the items inside, the group says all donations will refunded. Here's part of a note they posted on the GoFundMe page:

"[The robbery] was an absolutely crushing realization, as all of us have worked tirelessly to reach the point where we are, and have invested out of our own pockets to obtain all of the equipment that was stolen. However, in the span of one day we were shocked by the incredible response we received from the amazing community of musicians and fans alike."

Cold Kingdom has shows booked in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota through October, but plans are currently on hold. 

An inventory of the items stolen from Cold Kingdom.

An inventory of the items stolen from Cold Kingdom.

The band asks that people be on the lookout for a white, unmarked trailer with the license number ADH-H981, as well as the items pictured above for sale on Craigslist and eBay or at pawn shops and music stores. 

Here's a taste of Cold Kingdom: