There's no city like Sin City

There's no city like Sin City

If you enjoy your bloodletting in shades of red, white, and yellow, Sin City is where you'll get your fix. Based on the eponymous comic books by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi), with co-directors Miller and Quentin Taratino, has crafted a dark, demented universe where fish-netted hookers are the law and getting shot a couple dozen times doesn't necessarily mean your dead.

Standouts in an amazing all-star cast include Mickey Rourke as a vengeful john, Benicio Del Toro as a corrupt cop who can't stop mouthing off long after he's dead, and (gotta give it to him) Bruce Willis as an honest cop who takes the fall for a senator's child-molesting son. Elijah Wood, Rutger Hauer, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki, and Clive Owen also deliver stand-out performances, with Wood and Aoki uttering no dialogue throughout the movie. Only Brittany Murphy (8 Mile) as abused waitress Shellie hams it up a bit too much.

Rodriguez captures Miller's gritty, futile world in stark black and white, using color sparingly: red lipstick, a yellow freak of surgery gone wrong, a red Cadillac convertible, silver guns. The dialogue is updated Spillane with a dash of Rodriguez/Tarantino macabre.

Sin City opens this Friday, April 1, and is rated "R" for stuff like gun barrels wedged into people's foreheads, genitals being ripped off living beings, and prostitutes' heads mounted on a wall. And a couple of swears.

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