There is one comment absolutely no one needs to make about Taylor Swift’s political endorsement

Taylor Swift, Democrat.

Taylor Swift, Democrat. Associated Press

Taylor Swift is not a fascist sympathizer.

Most reasonable people already assumed this. Some fascists did not. But Swift’s silence during the 2016 presidential election drew plenty of criticism, along with some (fairly incredible) rumors that she was pro-Trump and some (probably quite true) accusations that she didn’t want to alienate the conservatives among her fans.

Naturally, these critics were often already people who hated or at least distrusted Swift. You know how the internet works.


Last night, as you’ve no doubt already heard, Swift broke her political silence with an Instagram post in which she announced that in the upcoming midterms she’ll vote for Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for the House of Representatives, both Democrats. (For all the time she spends in New York, Swift is apparently still registered in Tennessee.) She also zeroed in on Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn, saying Blackburn’s voting record "appalls and terrifies" her.

This has been heralded as an act of unprecedented political bravery or an instance of far too little, far too late, and honestly I’m not looking to plunge into that debate right now. I’m pleased with anything that pushes the needle a tiny bit away from a permanent reactionary kleptocracy and really do not care about whether Taylor Swift is a Good Person. In fact, though I’m a fan, I know she is not, for one simple reason.

But let’s forget all that for a minute because I have one important request to make of you all.

Please—PLEASE— do not say this one thing.

Haha, good one, everybody, but seriously....


I understand there are worse problems with social media than the recycling of hacky humor, what with it undermining the U.S. democratic system and perhaps the very possibility of agreed-upon truth itself. But even if for some reason you think this is the funniest comment in the world, eleventy-billion other Twitter users have already made this joke for you. And even if they hadn’t, I’m sure Andy Borowitz will cover it later today.

And if you write headlines, you really have no excuse for something this lame.

All I'm saying is: Look, no one is making you do this.