The Year in Music hits stands today

There are only a few rules that every music journalist must follow, and we're doing our best to keep up with the most strictly enforced tenet of music writing: At the end of each calendar year, thou shalt compile many lists. And to make sure we are doing an extra good job of complying, I've now compiled a list of our lists for your reference. From the month-by-month local music roundup to our list of top albums, here's a guide to what you can find in this week's Year in Music issue of City Pages. Enjoy.

The Year in Music: P.O.S., Solid Gold, and Owl City
A month-by-month rundown of all the notable moments in local music this year, from the demolition of the uptown to P.O.S.'s global domination to the untimely passing of musicians like Jeff Hanson and Bruce Allen.

The Year in Music: The Best Albums of 2009
The ultimate in year-end lists. We choose our top 13 Minnesota albums of the year, featuring our cover subjects the Pines, Peter Wolf Crier, the Twilight Hours, and more.

Slideshow: The Year in Music cover shoot
Outtakes from our time spent with the Pines for this week's cover shoot, including a stop at the local print shop Blinc Publishing.

The Year in Music: America's worst verses
Freelancer Ben Westoff takes us through the most god-awful lyrics spouted in 2009.

Critics' Picks
Your guide to the best shows this week, including Romantica, Mason Jennings, Little Man, and more.

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