The week's local livestreams: Apr. 10-16


Dessa Courtesy of the artist

Every week, there are more livestreams to add. When will we reach "peak livestream"? Too soon to say.


Lydia Liza’s Live Script Readings
Though she may be on a bit of a hiatus, Lydia Liza has made our first few days of distancing doable with her live script readings. We’ve seen The Cable Guy, Goodfellas, Shrek (with Gully Boys), Ferris Bueller (with Har Mar Superstar), My Dinner with Andre, and The Muppet Movie. Surely there will be more to come.
When and where: Check Instagram for dates, action at 8 p.m.
Donate: Venmo @lydia-hoglund.

Actual Wolf
Almost every night, Actual Wolf will go live from Duluth to show off some songs and chat about projects. “It’s kind of like a talk show/request show,” the artist says.Stay tuned for updates on his socials where he’ll announce the night’s plans.
When and where: Times posted on Instagram, usually around 10 p.m.
Donate: Information available during sets.

Friday 4.10

A new weekly live performance series from the Duluth indie veterans called "It's Friday, I'm in Low." 
When and where: 3 p.m. Instagram.
Donate: n/a

Yam Haus
The local modern rock powerhouses have been streaming a bunch of shows. Tonight's is put on by GO 95.3 and will benefit the Twin Cities Music Community Trust.
When and where: 8 p.m. here
Donate: @yamhaus on Venmo, $yamhaus on CashApp.

Back Catalog Listening Party
Every Friday afternoon, hosts Mother Banjo and Anthony Ihrig bring in some fellow musicians to chat about their music and the stories behind their favorite recordings. This week's guest is Minnesota songwriter and South Dakota Country Music Hall of Famer Becky Schlegel.
When and where: 4 p.m. on Facebook
Donate: n/a

Taylor James Donskey
“From his wall covered in Nat Geo maps,” Taylor James Donskey will provide two full hours of music and “uplifting commentary,” including two songs made up on the spot. He suggests you send emojis.
When and where: 7 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram.
Donate: @taylor-donskey on Venmo.


Saturday 4.11

Bad Bad Hats
"Islands in the Livestream" is a weekly stream from Bad Bad Hats featuring a set of originals, covers, Q&A, and more.
When and where: 4 p.m. YouTube
Donate: n/a

Mother Banjo
It’s “Patty Saturday.” Every week, Mother Banjo will come to us live with a Patty Griffin cover played to raise money for the Warming House.
When and where: 2 p.m. on Facebook.
Donate: Donate to the Warming House here.

Michael Shines
The central Minnesota singer-songwriter will perform from his living room every week. "Chances are his wife, kiddos, and three furry friends (hairless cat not as furry) may make an appearance."
When and where: 7:30 p.m. Facebook
Donate: n/a

Sunday 4.12

Vicky Emerson
"We'll do a recipe, play three songs and also help someone," the Americana singer says of her new Sunday series. "Think of this show as Mr. Rogers with Chardonnay." 
Where and when: 5 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram.
Donate: PayPal [email protected], Venmo @Vicky-Wallace, Patreon.

Mother Banjo Sunday Singalong
Ellen Stanley will lead listeners in folk and gospel tunes that the whole family can sing together.
When and where: 11 a.m. on Facebook.

Shotgun Ragtime Band
The weekly Grateful Sunday gig gone digital. This week, Shotgun Ragtime Band will showcase an acoustic set and an electric set. Tune in for what you’re feeling or stay for both.
When and where: 6:30 p.m. acoustic, 8:30 p.m. electric on Facebook.


Monday 4.13

Bad Songs with Jeremy Messersmith
Messersmith will drink whiskey and "showcase some of the worst, most terrible, tasteless and half finished songs I’ve never dared to play for anyone."
When and where: 8 p.m on Instagram.
Donate: n/a

Tuesday 4.14

Shannon Blowtorch & Mpls Adonia: Quarantine Live dance party -- Queer Edition
This week's "queerantine" dance party promises to be "Gay as in queer, queer as in U-Hauls followed by Subarus filled with kittens."
When and where: 6 p.m. on Zoom (meeting ID and password here).
Donate: n/a

Gabriel Douglas's Tuesday Nigh Free Fall
Wednesdays belong to 4onthefloor’s guitarist Nick Costa, so the frontman is on for Tuesday. Tune in for Gabriel Douglas’s “Tuesday Night Free Fall” every week. (If you’re there 15 minutes early there will be a dance party.)
When and where: 7 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram.
Donate: Venmo @doubleasterisk, CashApp $doubleasterisk, or PayPal.

Sarah Morris
Who needs a living room? Morris is broadcasting five songs and “big love” live from “the big green bathroom” every Tuesday.
When and where: 7 p.m. on Facebook.
Donate: PayPal and Venmo @sarahmorrismusic, or Patreon.

Yam Haus
They’ve done live Zumba classes, hosted some guest stars and played bingo. What will tonight bring?
When and where: 7 p.m. on Facebook.
Donate: @yamhaus on Venmo, $yamhaus on CashApp.

“Lunch Ladies” with Annie Fitzgerald and Vicky Emerson
We know you’re not going out for lunch … unless it’s take out. Tune into Annie Fitzgerald and Vicky Emerson’s virtual song circle with your grub of choice.
When and where: Noon on Instagram.
Donate to Vicky: PayPal [email protected], Venmo @Vicky-Wallace, Patreon.
Donate to Annie: @anniefitzgeraldmusic on PayPal and Venmo.

Wednesday 4.15

Nick Costa
Venmo him with a request before the show and he’ll practice, Venmo him during and he’ll wing it (“which is fun in its own way”).
When and where: 6 p.m. on Instagram and Facebook.
Donate: Venmo @nick-Costa-6, PayPal [email protected]

Joyann Parker
On Wednesdays it’s all about requests, usually featuring a special guest.
Where and when: 7 p.m. on Facebook.
Donate: Venmo @joyannparker, PayPal @JoyannParkerMusic.

Katy Vernon
The singer-songwriter puts on her weekly shows a little early so they can watch her back home in the U.K. as well
Where and when: 3 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram.
Donate: PayPal ([email protected]) or Venmo (Katyvernonmusic).

Dan Israel
The guest cap in Dan’s living room is one, but anyone can come online.
When and where: 6 p.m. on Facebook.
Donate: GoFundMe, Paypal [email protected], Venmo @DanIsraelMusic.

Thursday 4.16

The full title of these weekly literary readings is "Dessa's Show of Force Majeure," and the artist requests "cocktail attire from the waist up." Share a pic of yourself "looking civilized for 15 damn minutes" with #ShowOfForceMajeure.
When and where: 6:45 on Instagram.
Donate: Every reading benefits a non-profit, Venmo info announced in the stream.

Got a tip on a hot local livestream? Email Keith Harris with the details at [email protected]