The week's best concerts: Feb. 24-March 1

"Eye" see you, Animal Collective ;-)

"Eye" see you, Animal Collective ;-)

  • Sayth: With Wealthy Relative featuring Mamadu, Unknown Creatures, and Ness Nite., 8 p.m. Wed., $5. 7th St. Entry, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Wolfmother: With Deap Vally., 7:30 p.m. Wed., $20. First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Enemy Planes: Wednesday night residency, featuring a variety of opening acts., 9 p.m. Wed., $5. Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-338-6425,
Rez Abbasi’s Invocation and Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition

Walker Art Center, Thursday 2.25

Guitarist Rez Abbasi and alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa both rank among contemporary jazz’s most accomplished and inventive musicians and composers. They also share South Asian heritages that profoundly influence the globally infused and intrinsically linked groups. Southern California-raised Abbasi was born in Pakistan, while Mahanthappa’s parents emigrated to the U.S. from India. They both absorbed eclectic pop and rock influences in addition to studying South Asian roots music. Invocation plays a viscerally thrilling, intellectually rich fusion of post-bop jazz, jazz-rock, and South Asian. The quintet — featuring Abbasi’s fluid electric guitar, pianist Vijay Iyer, Mahanthappa, drummer Dan Weiss, bassist Johannes Weidenmueller, and cellist Elizabeth Means — is especially influenced by the Pakistani devotional music known as Qawwali. Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition includes Abbasi and Weiss on tablas, combining jazz improvisation with sinuous Carnatic melodies and rhythms. It’s only February, but this is likely to be the local jazz highlight of the year. $24-$28. 8 p.m. 1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612-375-7600. —Rick Mason

  • St. Lucia: With Grace Mitchell., 7:30 p.m. Thu., $20. First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Christopher Michael Jensen (Music Video Release Party): Featuring Aftmind with the Infinite One, Aym Telos, Dennis, MonoPoleJoe, and DJ set by Softporecorn, hosted by Common Culuture., 8 p.m. Thu., $5-$7. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-333-7399,

  • Rebirth Brass Band: 7 p.m. Thu., $25-$20. Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant, 1010 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, 612-332-1010,
Drone Not Drones: The 3rd Annual 28-Hour Drone

The Cedar Cultural Center, Friday, 2.26

For the third year in a row, the Cedar will host more than 50 artists over 28 hours to produce one long, continuous drone — a style of music where one note or chord carries through most or all of the piece. The event raises money for French NGO Doctors Without Borders, which gives emergency medical aid to communities worldwide affected by conflict and disaster. The drone begins Friday evening and won’t stop until 11 p.m. the following night. Some participating artists include Dosh, Alan Sparhawk of Low, Tiny Deaths, Paul Metzger, STNNNG, and more. The event isn’t just limited to local artists, though. Will Oldham (a.k.a. Bonnie “Prince” Billy) is also set to drone. According to the hosts, blankets and pillows are welcome. All ages. $20-$30. 7 p.m. 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-338-2674. —Grace Birnstengel

  • Cannibal Corpse: With Obituary, Cryptopsy, and Abysmal Dawn. 16+., 6:30 p.m. Fri., $25. Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-338-6425,

  • Cherry Cola: With Radkey, Naive Sens, Ripper, and DJ Bvckwoods., 8 p.m. Fri., $6. 7th St. Entry, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Cherub: With Gibbz, and Mike Floss., 8 p.m. Fri., $17-$20, First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,
Coheed and Cambria

Myth, Saturday 2.27

Coheed and Cambria have always been about the story beneath the falsetto beneath the hair: the 78-planet star system held together by the souls of the dead, the megalomaniacal trimages, the messianic androids. But all that comic-book fodder is on pause right now, as last October the veteran New York prog rockers dropped The Color Before the Sun, a full-length release unobscured by fantastical creatures or interplanetary warfare. The album, their eighth, is mainly about singer Claudio Sanchez’s experience as a young father and his move to Brooklyn, where the creative mind behind Coheed has been forced to rein it in a little because of, you know, neighbors. Post-hardcore legends Glassjaw will open the show along with I the Mighty and Silver Snakes. All ages. $27.50. 7:30 p.m. Myth, 3090 Southlawn Dr., Maplewood; 651-779-6984. —Jerard Fagerberg

  • The Hypstrz 40th Anniversary Show: With the Mighty Mofos, and King Kustom & the Cruisers., 7 p.m. Sat., $10-$12. Turf Club, 1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul, 651-647-0486,

  • Third Man Records Presents: Audio Social Dissent 2016: Featuring Wolf Eyes, Timmy's Organism, and Video., 8 p.m. Sat., $12. 7th St. Entry, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Winter Jazz Fest: Featuring Dean Magraw’s Red Planet, Bryan Nichols, Adam Meckler Quintet, JT Bates, and Dean Granros’ Tall Tales., 4-9 p.m. Sat., $15. Studio Z, 275 E. 4th St. Ste 100, St. Paul, 651-755-1600,
Animal Collective

First Avenue, Sunday 2.28

Animal Collective long has cultivated distinctly skewed perspectives. The Baltimore trio taps familiar pop artifacts — catchy melodies, infectious rhythms, Beach Boys harmonies — but comes at them in unconventional contexts. So it’s little wonder AC’s new album, Painting With, takes specific cues from Dadaism and Cubism, once avant-garde art movements that challenged standard perceptions. In fact, the first single is called “FloriDada,” a sunny, melodic roller-coaster ride with surrealistic lyrics, a sheen of Roy Lichtenstein pop art, and an absurdist sample of “Wipe Out.” But that formula is nary the aural equivalent of an inverted urinal. In fact, PW differs from the usual AC approach enough that they have called it their Ramones album. Within that leaner template and with caffeinated drive, AC deliver their spectacular, intricately entwined vocals against constantly morphing sonic wonderlands ranging from collage-like synths (“Vertical”) to jazz-tinged reveries (“Lying in the Grass”) to skittish rhythm jousts (“Bagels in Kiev”). Ratking opens. 18+. Sold out. 7 p.m. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612-338-8388. —Rick Mason

  • Poolboy (EP Release Show): With Val Son, and Autumn Kid., 7:30 p.m. Sun., $5-$7. 7th St. Entry, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Tinashe: 7 p.m. Sun., $25-$30. Mill City Nights, 111 N. 5th St., Minneapolis, 612-333-3422,

  • Cradle of Filth: With Butcher Babies, and Ne Obliviscaris. All ages., 5 p.m. Sun., $22.50. Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-338-6425,
Bruce Springsteen

Xcel Energy Center, Monday 2.29

For evidence of the electrifying, transformative power of rock ’n’ roll, just catch up with that guy from the Jersey Shore. At 66, he still careens around stages for three hours straight, spreading the gospel of raging electric guitar, thunderous rhythms, and blustery saxophone. His lyrics eloquently explore high hopes and elusive dreams, lurking darkness on the edge of town, and, after all these decades, the unshakable conviction that we’re born to run. That would, of course, be Bruce Springsteen, who brings his marathon concert juggernaut to St. Paul on a tour reexamining his pivotal 1980 album, The River. Re-released in December as a massive box set, the original double album brought Springsteen’s earlier anthems of exuberant youthful escape around to jarring realities. On this tour, Springsteen and the E Streeters have been performing all of The River, followed by other essentials. As always, any floundering spirits should be roused to the point of satiation. $57.50-$152.50. 7:30 p.m. 199 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul; 800-745-3000. —Rick Mason

  • Leap-A-Palooza: Featuring Dan Mariska, Fullbloods, and Blue Green., 7:30 p.m. Mon., $5-$7. 7th St. Entry, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Nightwish: With Sonata Arctica, and Delain. All ages., 5 p.m. Mon., $37.50-$40. First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-338-8388,

  • Rickie Lee Jones: 8 p.m. Mon., $60-$45. Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant, 1010 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, 612-332-1010,
Julia Holter

7th St. Entry, Tuesday 3.1

Julia Holter is often lumped in with “academic music” — whatever that means — because of her background studying composition at the California Institute of the Arts. The 31-year-old’s grandiose style goes far beyond that boring term, though, swimming with complex, often experimental instrumentation. On top of that, her voice shimmers with incredible beauty that carries over the multiple genres she tackles on a given album. Holter has four albums out, the first two of which were recorded in her bedroom. Her most recent, 2015’s Have You in My Wilderness, peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. That success was partially driven by knockout single “Feel You,” which is led by the medieval sound of the harpsichord. 18+. $15. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612-338-8388. —Grace Birnstengel

  • Carrie Rodriguez: 7 p.m. Tue., $15-$20. The Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-338-2674,
  • Conan: With Serial Hawk, and Aziza., 7 p.m. Tue., $10-$12. Turf Club, 1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul, 651-647-0486,
  • Silverstein: With Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, and Rarity. 16+., 7:30 p.m. Tue., $19. Mill City Nights, 111 N. 5th St., Minneapolis, 612-333-3422,