The week's best concerts: Aug. 5-11

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame

Motley Crue • $20-$125 • 7 p.m. Wed. • Xcel Energy Center

Miranda Sings • $35.50 • 7 p.m. Wed. • Northrop

Lissie • $22-$35 • 7 p.m. Wed. • The Varsity Theater

Keb’ Mo’


Kevin Moore takes an ecumenical approach to the blues. As Keb’ Mo’, he sometimes plays the classic country-bluesman to the hilt, dusting off sharp influences from the likes of Robert Johnson. More often, the former label staff songwriter mixes up a slew of eclectic bits — pop, rock, gospel, soul, swing, Latin — that season the core blues in interesting, untraditional ways. There was a contemporary soul, funk, and pop vibe on 2011’s The Reflection, while last year’s Bluesamericana swung back to more straightforward blues, albeit in tasteful arrangements that showcase permutations ranging from the Delta to Chicago to Texas and points in between. Those other points include Memphis, represented by a chamber-soul piece (“For Better Or Worse”) and New Orleans, in a brass band stomp called “The Old Me Better.” Through it all, Moore’s fine, rich voice shines, along with his sophisticated songwriting, which veers from hapless comedy (“The Worst Is Yet To Come”) to economic commentary (“More For Your Money”) to brokenhearted love songs (“So Long Goodbye”). $50-$62.50. 7:30 p.m. 13000 Zoo Blvd., Apple Valley; 952-431-9200. — RICK MASON

Mint Condition • $20-$25 • 8 p.m. Thu. • First Avenue

Alpha Rev • $16 • 7:30 p.m. Thu. • Turf Club

Berner • $15 • 8 p.m. Thu. • 7th St. Entry Tower

Social Distortion


More than four years after their last release, Social Distortion’s Mike Ness is still putting together material for the next, due sometime next year. In the meantime, Ness and the latest lineup of the fiercely rocking L.A. punk-roots outfit are on the road doing one of those album-in-its-entirety deals. The album and the occasion is SD’s 1990 eponymous big-label debut, now a whopping 25 years old. Pivotal for both the band and the entire roots-rock movement, the album reconciled punk with its rebellious roots in the seminal country/blues/rockabilly/rock ’n’ roll nexus. Picking up X’s thread to a certain extent, Social Distortion laced its scorching guitar attack with a scrum of roots sounds, adding an emphatic exclamation point on the honored disc with a blistering cover of Johnny Cash’s classic “Ring of Fire.” Also notable were searing Ness confessionals “Story of My Life” and “It Coulda Been Me.” Besides performing all of Social Distortion, the band promises additional key catalogue tunes and rarities. Renegade country siren Nikki Lane and Colorado country-rockers Drag the River open. $35. 7 p.m. 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612-338-8388. — RICK MASON

Waka Flocka Flame


Since his 2009 hit "O Let's Do It" swept the nation and introduced the world to his charged-up brand of volatile trap music, Waka Flocka Flame has left a significant impact on hip-hop. His 2010 major-label debut, Flockaveli, honed and amplified the intense raps that defined his earlier mixtape material rather than dull them for mass consumption, and the collaboration with producer Lex Luger went on to alter the direction of rap music thereafter. Live, he's an insane ball of energy, possessing the performative gusto of a punk frontman and a determination to entertain. The Atlanta MC’s recent mixtape streak continued this year, with Salute Me Or Shoot Me 5 and I Can't Rap Vol. 2 dropping in preparation for the upcoming Flockaveli 2, which is rumored to feature nothing but hardcore street music. Less concerned with the technicality of traditional hip-hop, Flocka aims to bring fun back to hardcore rap, and has succeeded brilliantly. The ambitious rapper announced in April he plans to run for president, so stay tuned. Mike Floss opens. 16+. $25. 8 p.m. 111 N. 5th St.; 612-333-3422. — JACK SPENCCER

Diana Krall


Jazz chanteuse Diana Krall has a wonderful voice, is a fine pianist and a remarkable, sly, and savvy song interpreter. Last time out, on 2012’s T Bone Burnett-produced Glad Rag Doll, Krall knocked it out of the park with a brilliantly realized, Americana-influenced collection of Jazz Age pop tunes. But her latest, Wallflower, which mostly re-examines familiar ‘60s and ’70s rock ballads, sinks in a sea of insipid orchestrations from schlocky producer/arranger David Foster. The record swamps Krall’s voice, piano, and spirit, sapping the tracks of energy and leaving a morose aftertaste. Krall is eminently capable of lending fresh insight to tunes even as well-worn as “California Dreamin’,” the Eagles’ “Desperado,” and Leon Russell’s “Superstar,” but all fall flat thanks to Foster. Bob Dylan’s title track works because Krall’s voice and piano combine with Blake Mills’ guitar to supersede a leaner string quartet, while Jim Croce’s “Operator” benefits from livelier, more incisive vocals and focused Stephen Stills guitar work. Performing live, Krall should overcome Foster’s stultifying influence. $61.50-$76.50. 8 p.m. 910 Hennepin Ave.; 612-339-7007. — RICK MASON

<!—StartFragment—>Social Distortion • $35 • 7 p.m. Fri. • First Avenue

Local H • $13-$15 • 8 p.m. Fri. • Triple Rock Social Club

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band • $10-$12 • 8 p.m. Fri. • Turf Club

Pizza Luce Block Party


Fans of pizza and music (i.e. fans of everything good and pure) ordered extra tears in 2012 when the annual Pizza Luce Block Party went on hiatus. But the amplified pizza party returned the following year for its 10th run, having moved its song, dance, and cheese enterprise from Uptown to downtown Minneapolis. This year’s saucy and free fest sees the hipster tycoons of Twin Cities 'za delivering more of what you love: killer live music plus grub/suds from Pizza Luce, Izzy's Ice Cream, and Summit beer. The meat of the 2015 music lineup is rock 'n' heavy: rockabilly scorchers L'Assassins, garage-rock persona Frankie Teardrop, pop-punks Pink Mink, blaring power trio the Blind Shake, and Alan Sparhawk's Retribution Gospel Choir. The top portion of the bill has beloved Doomtree rap bros Sims and Mike Mictlan, while irrepressible R&B party-boy turned soul belter Har Mar Superstar closes out the evening. Rogue Valley and Tiny Deaths also perform; expect at least one "special guest to be announced.” All ages. Free. Noon-10 p.m. North Fourth Street; 612-333-7359. — JAY BOLLER

Autoptic Festival: Audible


In harmony with the second coming of graphics/comics/zine festival Autoptic taking place at Aria, the Cedar is hosting a musical outpost that features fan candy for Minnesota music buffs. Fresh off their stint on the Current Goes to Duluth, indie-rock minimalists Low will be stripping down even further to perform an all-acoustic set. Joining them will be erstwhile Pedro the Lion auteur David Bazan, who returns to a proper venue after bouncing around living rooms on his Headphones Tour. Esoteric Minneapolis weirdos the Hand are technically the headliners, but c'mon. Though Minneapolis comedian Rana May opens and hometown heroes Doomtree will hold an exhibit at the festival proper, there's nothing on the weekend that draws (zing!) quite like a hyper-intimate Low show. All ages. $15. 8 p.m. 416 Cedar Ave. S.; 612-338-2674. — JERARD FAGERBERG

Get Together 5: Summer House Music Party • $8-$10 • 9 p.m. Sat. • First Avenue

Jack Garratt • $13-$15 • 8 p.m. Sat. • 7th St. Entry

Pop Nation Summer Tour • $12-$15 • 4:30 p.m. Sat. • The Garage

Michael Angelo Batio • $15 • 5 p.m. Sun. • Amsterdam

Har Mar Superstar's Power Lunch Hangover Brunch • free • 10 a.m. Sun. • Turf Club

Jerry Oliver • $6-$8 • 7:30 p.m. Sun. • 7th St. Entry



With Breakfast Club-levels of empathy, the globe's clique-minded metal community has received a warmer populist embrace over the past few years. What makes this lunch-table shuffling more rewarding is that so few acts have had to pull a Pygmalion to attract wider audiences. Arkansas’ Pallbearer, with their classicist approach to Black Sabbath-era doom, are one of the more visible metal bands to start getting picked first for sports. They’ll be stopping at Mill City Nights on Monday as they wrap up promotion on last year’s widely acclaimed album Foundations of Burden. The bill will be shared with the sludge veterans of High on Fire, who use their diverse resumes to stretch sustained doom tension across a circus tent of thrash progressions. The lineup is a fine illustration of metal’s subgenre prism, one that’s only now being explored without pretense or prejudice by the more rosy-cheeked masses. Lucifer and Venomous Maximus also perform. 18+. $17-$30. 7 p.m. 111 N. 5th St.; 612-333-3422. –- ANDY PENKALSKI

<!—StartFragment—>Crooked Saws • $8-$10 • 7:30 p.m. Mon. • 7th St. Entry

JT's Jazz Implosion • $8 • 9:30 p.m. Mon. • Icehouse

Dr. Mambo's Combo • $7 • 9:30 p.m. Mon. • Bunker's Music Bar & Grill

Pat Benatar • $62 • 7 p.m. Tue. • Minnesota Zoo Weesner Amphitheater

The Potash Twins • $10 • 7 p.m. Tue. • Icehouse

Atomic Lights • $5 • 7:30 p.m. Tue. • Turf Club